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Attentions to nephrotic syndrome

2017-02-15 11:39

The treatment process of nephropathy is relatively long, long time treatment, easy to make some patients have a feeling of relaxation, so the emphasis on compliance with doctor's advice, regular follow-up, to reduce recurrence is particularly important. Patients with nephrotic syndrome in the process of treatment, must be actively involved in the treatment, we must do a good job of nursing care, to avoid infection, etc..
Patients have to do is strictly follow the doctor's advice
Taking the drug must be taken according to the dosage, taking the cycle to the doctor's treatment period; regular outpatient follow-up, according to the doctor's advice to adjust medication. Do not panic after the recurrence, and the doctor quickly contact, according to the condition of the adjustment program, often able to regain remission.
Actively respond to infection
Kidney in the blood of patients with a large number of blood loss from the urine, the loss of substances, including the composition of our immune defense line of the important components, such as immunoglobulin, complement, etc.. At the same time, the function of white blood cells decreased and the trace elements such as zinc were also lost. These are severely weakened, the body's ability to resist external pathogenic factors.
Closely cooperate with the doctor for diagnosis and early diagnosis
Patients who are eligible for renal biopsy can determine the nature of the disease at the level of the cell structure, and then develop a targeted treatment. More exercise, improve their immunity and resistance, but also to develop good habits, Zaoshuizaoqi, reduce the incidence of disease.

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