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What renal failure patients need to pay attention to in diet

2017-02-13 17:24

With the continuous development of social economy and the improvement of people's living standard, our medical technology has been improved obviously. But on the other hand, the patient's diet after discharge is also crucial. A lot of patients with renal failure and family members of patients after the discharge is not very clear about the diet, this article describes the diet of renal failure nursing.

1, the supply of high quality protein: uremic patients with a minimum amount of protein per day for 0.5 g / kg body weight, of which high-quality protein accounted for more than 50%, the only way to maintain the physiological functions of the body organs. When the patient's renal function in the early and mid-term damage stage, that is, glomerular filtration rate (GFR) >25 ml / min or so, protein intake per kilogram of body weight of 0.6 grams per day is more appropriate, while the need to make up the heat.

2, low salt and low sodium: chronic renal failure complicated with hypertension and edema of patients, to limit sodium and sodium rich foods, when necessary for salt free diet. When using diuretics or accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, should not limit sodium, but should be based on the specific circumstances of the appropriate amount of sodium salt.

3, when potassium is high with chronic renal failure patients, should restrict potassium food, avoid eating fruit juice, careful selection of vegetables and fruits.

4, to supply of high calcium low phosphorus diet: chronic renal failure diet recipe? In chronic renal failure patients, with increased serum phosphate and calcium decreased, thus induced osteoporosis. The ideal diet should increase the calcium content and reduce the phosphorus content. Calcium rich foods include milk, green leafy vegetables, sesame etc.. Cooking fish and meat, boil fish out with water, then stir fried, can reduce the phosphorus content of fish and meat.

5, maintain the balance of water: chronic renal failure in patients with water balance is very important. Chronic renal failure is caused by the amount of liquid to be determined according to the amount of discharge. Must be under the guidance of a doctor, to supplement the liquid to prevent excessive intake of water, the removal of obstacles, and increased swelling.

6, supplement vitamin: chronic renal failure must be added when vitamin preparations, due to chronic renal failure patients with digestive malabsorption, with food supplement has been unable to meet the needs of metabolism.

The above is about the regulation of diet in renal failure is introduced, also need to pay attention to the diet nursing of this kind of disease is the key, the first is to maintain a pleasant mood in patients with renal failure, optimistic attitude to look at the disease, proper exercise, that can effectively alleviate the occurrence of the disease. At the same time, each of us should also develop a healthy lifestyle habits, maintain good health.

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