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For how long can the nephrotic syndrome patients live?

2017-02-13 16:52

For how long can the nephrotic syndrome patients live? This is the majority patients with nephrotic syndrome friends very concerned about.

1,what kind of treatment received

If the control well does not affect the life, if not controlled, repeated recurrence is not to say, in general, nephrotic syndrome would be lighter than chronic nephritis, chronic nephritis is quite a large turn to renal failure, usually 2~20 years, while patients with nephrotic syndrome, active treatment is no matter what. In the choice of treatment of the hospital should not only aim at a large comprehensive large hospital, but to choose a professional treatment of the hospital, so the hospital it put all the thoughts on the treatment of kidney disease.

2, pathological type

In patients with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, the prognosis was better for those with hormone sensitivity. Mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis is associated with a variety of factors, such as mild mesangial proliferation, hormone sensitivity, and proteinuria. The young age of onset, prognosis, and severe mesangial hyperplasia and sclerosis, to hormone insensitive or for hormone dependent, proteinuria lasted more than 2 years, high blood pressure or creatinine clearance decreased, older, poor prognosis. Most of the prognosis of membranous glomerulonephritis was significantly better than that of adults!

3, the seriousness of the disease

Nephrotic syndrome in the end can not cure depends on the specific circumstances of the disease, the early nephrotic syndrome can be cured, such as no cure to uremia, it affects the safety of life. This requires patients in the life must strive to improve attention, discover the nephrotic syndrome, and targeted therapy, the best time for treatment better, get treatment in order to better the best effect!

The treatment of nephrotic syndrome is directly related to how long the nephrotic syndrome can live. For the treatment of nephrotic syndrome, on the whole, Chinese medicine should be superior to Western medicine. Because of the western medicine for a variety of nephritis, nephropathy, nephrotic syndrome treatment, the use of hormone therapy, but the hormone can only temporarily alleviate the disease, side effects, and easy to relapse. Chinese medicine is not in hand, obvious curative effect, less recurrence, on the other hand, no pain, no side effect, low cost, so that the treatment of TCM on nephrotic syndrome, and some medical technology developed countries not on.

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