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Prevention of adult polycystic kidney disease!

2017-02-13 16:51

First, to maintain an optimistic ideological taste, establish the confidence to overcome the disease. Cystic disease is the interaction between innate and acquired factors the results of scientific research found that all of these factors can be changed or controlled to eliminate, therefore, do not despair, and optimistic mood can improve people's immunity, beneficial to overcome the disease. But on the other hand, to overcome the "enemy" thought, actively cooperate with the doctor for treatment. Optimistic, serious is the correct guiding ideology.

Two, appropriate medicine: kidney Su Kang series from the cyst causes, symptoms, the curative effect is remarkable, but according to the prescription of the doctor in detail after diagnosis, regardless of illness can not be used, so as not to reach the expected effect.

Three, should pay attention to the diet, do not eat salty foods (including pickled), do not eat spicy class (including pepper, wine, shrimp, crab, etc.) do not eat contaminated (including rotten leftovers, etc.), and not to eat barbecue, or the occurrence of renal insufficiency uremic patients should also pay attention to not eat beans and their products, limiting animal foods high in protein, greasy foods etc..

Four, pay attention to rest, avoid physical activity and severe abdominal trauma, kidney swelling obviously should use a sling instead of a belt, so as to avoid cyst rupture; half a review (including blood pressure, urine routine, renal function and ultrasound); to avoid all the renal toxicity of drugs; relatives (parents, siblings and children) for B check.

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