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The recipe of nourishing yin and tonifying kidney, let you h

2017-02-11 15:09

Chronic nephritis can live how long? Uremia can live how long? How does creatinine fall down? There are serious urinary protein plus?

Many people think that kidney is a man's patent, in fact, otherwise. Women also need kidney. Because of its relationship with the woman's face. You want to have the charming appearance, want to anti-aging? You must nourish kidney. Here we have to introduce some kidney yin foods and I hope to help you.

Kidney deficiency symptoms:

Gaunt, often insomnia, memory decline in the blues.

In the case of frequent urination, normal drinking water, nocturia in more than 3 times.

The kidney weakness, unable to control, there will be frequent urination in night.

Inspiratory difficulty, call more suction less, move is consumption of gas, lung and kidney gas is more vulnerable to weakness, will be sweating.

"Sex" loss, depression, anxiety, fear, etc..

Kidney nourishing food

Chestnut, Gorgon fruit, edible fungus, mulberry, black beans, kelp, laver, black, letinous edodes, black sesame, walnut, gelatin, angelica, dried longan, sea cucumber, lily, Polygonum multiflorum is effective for kidney yin food woman. Black beans, kelp, laver, black, letinous edodes, black sesame, black fungus is food, long-term use, can improve the renal function of women.

Three kidney super effective recipes

The 1 Gorgon fruit, lotus seed and glutinous rice porridge, sooner or later each day to drink a bowl, persist for 7 days. Efficacy: the recipe for urination and excessive sweating are very helpful, all face ageing kidney weakness produced mostly will soon change.

After 2 walnuts, almonds and peanuts, ginkgo powder drink tea, can add brown sugar, Black Tea. Efficacy: after drinking, we will not feel the pressure in the chest, and do not need to deliberately take a deep breath, and breathing improved, even the face will be greatly improved.

3 with Chinese angelica, ginger and mutton soup, sooner or later each day to drink a bowl, efficacy: Nourishing Qi Yi Yan skin, can effectively remove the body too much yin yang effect, enhance. Skin nourishing qi, Yi yan.

These are we to introduce some kidney foods, these foods not only have good health effect, also can alleviate the effect of disease, but we remember, these foods can not completely cure the disease, so it can not be used as a medicine.


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