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All men pay attention! These two kinds of diseases are very

2017-02-09 17:11

Kidney disease, both men and women will get, and there are two kinds of kidney disease, men will be more serious, the prognosis is generally not good for man than women.

Polycystic kidney

First objectively speaking, both men and women, polycystic kidney disease is a more difficult to treat.

But! Is!

Relatively speaking, the male patients with polycystic kidney disease than women with polycystic kidney disease is more difficult to cure, a large sample of epidemiological investigation showed that the incidence of renal failure in male patients with polycystic kidney disease, than women

As early as 5 years!!

This may be related to the level of sex hormones, because testosterone has the function of promoting the secretion of liquid and ion transport.

Testes and ovaries secrete testosterone, but the amount of testosterone secreted by adult males is 20 times greater than that of adult females!

Therefore, from the current research results, it seems that men with polycystic kidney disease is more difficult than women with polycystic kidney disease.

lupus nephritis

The number of women suffering from lupus is much higher than that of men, 10 times that of men.

Male: Female


But! Is!

Once you become one of the 1 unfortunate, the treatment is often not as good as women.

There is a lot of evidence in this area, for example, in 2013, a study by Shandong University was conducted to compare the clinical features and prognosis of male and female patients with lupus nephritis.


Methods 10 male patients with lupus nephritis were treated for a period of 2 weeks. The clinical features, pathological features and prognosis were analyzed. The results were compared with those of 24 patients with lupus nephritis.


Compared with the female group, the onset age of the male group was earlier and the course of disease was longer. The levels of blood urea nitrogen and serum creatinine were higher in male group and 2 weeks after treatment.

In the male group, 6 cases underwent renal biopsy. The pathological types were type III in, type IV in 3 cases, and type V in two cases.

The incidence of joint pain was higher in men than in women.

After 2 weeks of treatment, the average level of urea nitrogen and creatinine in male were higher than that in female.


Compared with female patients, male patients with lupus nephritis had early onset and severe renal damage.


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