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Nephrotic syndrome in children should pay attention to what?

2017-02-08 10:14

Children with nephrotic syndrome and children aged 3-6 years old, the most prominent feature of children with edema. Children with nephrotic syndrome on children's health hazards, parents and friends must pay attention to, once found to be early with children. So what is the problem of children with nephrotic syndrome should pay attention to daily? The following is a brief introduction to the attention of children with nephrotic syndrome.

First of all, parents should take care of the children's psychology. A lot of children with nephrotic syndrome in children, first came to the hospital this strange environment, coupled with the need to continue treatment, will inevitably lead to fear, and some negative emotions, not actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment, this will inevitably affect the recovery and treatment of the disease. Therefore, when the children's psychological nursing work is not to be ignored. At this time parents should be careful to communicate with their children, so that they do not be afraid to eliminate the fear of the child, so that children maintain a happy, good attitude to actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment.

Secondly, to let the child with treatment. Nephrotic syndrome in children generally need to use hormone therapy. As we all know, hormone therapy is bound to produce some side effects, especially for children, not only will make children appear fat phenomenon, but also allow them to have a sense of inferiority, do not like to play with children. At this time parents need to be careful to explain to the child, this is the role of the drug, as long as the treatment is good, stop the symptoms will disappear, so that children can get spiritual comfort.

Third, pay attention to daily life diet. Children with nephrotic syndrome in the dietary requirements are very strict, not only to add a lot of protein but also pay attention to limit salt. Some children prefer to eat some snacks. And most children with nephrotic syndrome need a low salt diet, if the food is too light, not their appetite, they will be emotional or do not like to eat. Then the parents should be patient to explain to the children, some foods are not conducive to the recovery of the disease, you can also add some other condiments in the meal, changing the practice of food to enhance the child's appetite.

Fourth, should not let the child too tired. Some children self-control ability is poor, in the course of treatment or after discharge love out, caused by lack of sleep or too tired at this time, parents should pay special attention to, arrange the daily schedule for children, try to make children get sufficient rest. And try not to bring their children to shops, theaters and other public places to run, pay attention to changes in the weather in time to increase or decrease clothing, to prevent colds.

To sum up, the above is about children with nephrotic syndrome, the introduction of the note, I believe that we have to pay attention to the attention of children with nephrotic syndrome. Once found their children suffering from nephrotic syndrome in children must go to the hospital in time, so as to avoid deterioration of the disease.

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