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Children with nephrotic syndrome should pay attention to wha

2017-02-08 10:14

Once diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome, doctors remind parents to pay attention to the following points -

First, it is important to accept reasonable and standardized treatment. Some parents have heard of nephrotic syndrome can be self-healing, so the existence of luck, hope that their children can not cure and heal, it is not until the came to the hospital for treatment, or to start and only taking the medicine and the delay in treatment time. Some parents are afraid of the side effects of hormone, hormone in use after a period of negative urine, thinks he has refused to continue to use the hormone cure their withdrawal, resulting in recurrent disease even worse. But in fact, the vast majority of kidney disease is the need for a reasonable treatment to cure.

Second, pay attention to diet and rest. The nephrotic syndrome in children, edema, oliguria stage, the short term should pay attention to strictly control the intake of sodium, otherwise it will lead to further aggravate the retention of sodium and water damage to the kidneys, to be in remission after can not continue to limit salt, but to the low salt diet consisting mainly of high quality protein. In addition, patients with nephrotic syndrome due to a large number of protein leakage in vitro, plasma protein levels are generally low, it should be appropriate to add a certain amount of protein, animal protein, such as milk to fish, eggs, poultry, beef is appropriate, but also pay attention to not overdo sth. disease has not been, because if the control is too much to supplement high protein, it will increase the "leakage" quantity and speed, therefore, at the same time regular visits by professional doctors nutrition specialist, providing a scientific diet food.

Third, due to the long course of disease, easy to repeat. Many children will often appear irritable, sad and not with the treatment of other emotions in the course of treatment, the treatment and the prognosis is bad, therefore, psychological counseling, parents should make children, enhance children's confidence and willpower.

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