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Exercise is important for patients with nephritis ?

2017-02-07 14:53

With nephritis, not only to rely on the doctor's treatment, the patient himself should also actively do their own life conditioning. Exercise is the best choice for patients with nephritis, daily life, patients with more reasonable physical exercise is helpful to improve the condition. So, nephritis patients how to exercise just right?

There are many kinds of exercise therapy, such as walking, cycling, swimming, jogging, Tai Chi, gymnastics, martial arts and so on. Patients should choose appropriate exercise according to their own constitution, and under the guidance of doctors, in particular, should pay attention to the relationship between exercise and rest, so as not to aggravate the disease over the old. Exercise therapy of chronic nephritis in clinical practice and living mainly in the traditional health care methods, the main characteristics of the traditional sports health care method is the combination of static and dynamic, emotional dependence, Neiwaijianxiu, both physical and mental. Still, for Na, relaxed and natural, be absorbed in, in order to foster healthy. That is, in the spirit of ease and emotional state of peace. Moving the Qi and blood, dredging fine collaterals, strengthening tendons and bones, lubricating joints, with strong physique, adjusting viscera. To keep in shape, static to repose. There is stillness in motion, motion in stillness. "Moving static", that is, to maintain the spirit of peace in the state of motion, to concentrate on.

"Static and dynamic", is to maintain the natural harmony of breathing. Only the combination of static and dynamic, Italy, gas, body three closely, to practice the refined gas God, raising the viscera Qi and blood, strong bones and flesh. Physical health exercise, to follow, step by step, persevere. A variety of traditional sports have different features, people can according to their own circumstances (such as age, health, occupation, etc.) the actual needs and interests and choose the appropriate method, can also according to different time, place and select the appropriate projects. In the case of the appropriate amount of exercise, the selected items may not be limited to a certain type, can be integrated application or alternately interspersed. The amount of exercise and technical difficulty should be increased gradually, and should not overdo sth. don't force and act with undue haste.

Exercise should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor or coach, in addition to the pulse, respiration, blood pressure monitoring, but also refer to the principle of "acid plus, pain reduction, hemp stop" principle. If only sleep after exercise muscles sour, lifting activities slightly bulging heavy feeling, can continue to maintain the original amount of exercise or increase the number of. Such as local pain, should reduce the amount of exercise or replacement of sports. Such as numbness, should stop the movement, and find out the reasons for further processing. To enhance physical fitness and disease treatment, not a short duration of time of the power, to be effective, there must be a process, so we should persevere. In particular, the initial results, we must adhere to, so as to make the effect can be consolidated and further improved.

Patients with nephritis is best in the spring and autumn two seasons outdoor activities, winter and spring in general indoor exercise is more appropriate. Because of the cold weather in winter and spring, in order to avoid outdoor activities caused by a cold fever, so that the state of the disease to achieve deterioration of nephritis. Elderly patients with nephritis should do more aerobic exercise, has a great role in the adjuvant treatment of nephritis.

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