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Traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine with kidne

2017-02-02 14:07

Although the treatment of medicine, but the disease is still good to take some 


medicine, some drugs will not only cause some adverse reactions, so the 


treatment should be cautious, medication should be cautious!


1, single herb

A guaco, Lei Gongteng, gossypol, fish bile, gall, canth, centipede, bee venom, 


motherwort (a lot), Aconitum, monkshood, Xanthium, two ugly, Rhizoma 


Bolbostemmae and wormseed, Croton, aloe, hydnocar, chinaberry bark, Radix 


trichosanthis, Jin Yinggen, Quisqualis, Weilingxian etc..


2, proprietary Chinese Medicine

There are cinnabar sedative pills, Longdanxiegan pills, Guanxin Suhexiang 


pill, Ganmaotong, Suxiaoshangfeng capsule, ginseng health pills, tablets, 


Cantharidatis Sodium Tablets, nephritis four kinds of compound cantharis 


powder, cinnabar containing components of Angongniuhuang pill, Buxin pills, 


sanhuangpian, Wuhu, Zhonghua diedawan geraniol (induced), a three the gun 


(external) etc.. In addition, arsenic, asarum, scorpion, camphor, velvet, 


Alangium, because the comprehensive toxic effects on the human body system 


with different degrees of renal toxicity.


Of course, drugs are used to treat, but all drugs not only have the role of 


treatment, but also may lead to adverse reactions to the disease. These 


adverse reactions can be very light, such as some gastrointestinal symptoms 


such as abdominal distension, nausea and so on; but it can also be very heavy, 


such as acute renal failure or acute liver injury, acute aplastic anemia, and 


even life-threatening.

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