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"Twenty-seven years, kill the chicken" - nephropathy so

2017-01-27 16:26

Today is the twelfth lunar month twenty-seven, new year's Eve to eat chicken, every family must have ready. Kidney friends usually eat pork, but at this time, eating chicken is also very good! Why do you say that?

Because chicken is rich in nutrition and low in sodium, it is a good source of good quality protein in addition to pork. So, how should patients with kidney disease eat chicken?

Pay attention to control quantity

Chicken, like pork, is also rich in protein. It is slightly higher than the content of pork, 100g per pig lean meat containing protein 15g, while chicken contains 24g. Therefore, according to the daily protein of patients with kidney disease per kilogram of 0.6g~1.0g to calculate, pure meat intake, then the patient should not eat more than 42 of the daily chicken (calculated by weight 50kg). Patients with edema need to eat less.

Pay attention to the location

Remove the skin after the little chicken fat content, but different parts are different. Chicken breast meat fat content was the lowest, and rich in vitamins and nutrients, can reduce blood cholesterol; the fat content of chicken, chicken wings and other parts of the higher.

However, compared to other meat, the fat content of peeled chicken is still very low. Therefore, we can choose according to their own situation suitable for eating.

Pay attention to cooking methods

The majority of patients who used to drink chicken soup tonic, but in fact, a long time cooking pot does not increase the number of nutrients to the soup, but more is the oil and purine. This is not a bad thing for patients with high blood lipids or gout. The correct way is to abandon the meat soup, chicken nutrition at this time the most easily absorbed.

In fact, the method of chicken nutrition retained or steamed or fried, and melon yes! But don't forget to put less salt

Whether it is the friends of the kidney or ordinary people, chicken is nourishing Jiapin, especially for sub-health population. So we can take advantage of the new year eat some chicken tonic!


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