what can cause creatinine levels to be high?

what can cause creatinine levels to be high? Creatinine substance in the body is mainly muscle metabolism of creatine production, creatinine excreted through the kidneys out of body. Normally, because the bodys muscle volume is relatively s...

what can cause creatinine levels to be high? Creatinine substance in the body is mainly muscle metabolism of creatine production, creatinine excreted through the kidneys out of body. Normally, because the body's muscle volume is relatively stable, so the natural amount of creatinine is also constant, the level of serum creatinine depends mainly on the number of renal excretion of creatinine. What can cause creatinine to be high? So what is the reason for the high serum creatinine?

Serum creatinine is the most commonly used indicators to detect renal function, and also a project must be checked in health examination. Many people accept the healthy examination, find their serum creatinine value in the normal range, they thought their kidney function is completely no problem. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of serum creatinine. As the serum creatinine value can not accurate response to the status of renal function timely, .

When most of the human kidney suffered pathological damage, glomerular filtration rate decreased when the proportion of large (more than 50%), then elevated serum creatinine may be clinically revealed. Therefore, people stereotypes that the kind of “serum creatinine normal, indicating that the kidney all right”, this misunderstanding should be corrected.

Kidney compensatory function is very strong, if the two kidneys are normal, then as long as a kidney function is normal, serum creatinine can be maintained at normal levels. In other words, the degree of renal damage accounted for more than half of the entire kidney, it will cause elevated serum creatinine. Therefore, serum creatinine does not respond to early, mild renal dysfunction.

Such as urea nitrogen and creatinine value increased, and urea nitrogen / creatinine ratio is low, which is the cause of low creatinine is to remind the possibility of renal parenchymal damage. Urea nitrogen / creatinine ratio, the normal value is 20.00-100.00, its significance is mainly when the urea nitrogen or creatinine value rise, as the idea of the cause of difference of renal or prerenal(renal external). If the urea nitrogen / creatinine ratio is less than 20, the probability of renal disease is higher, if the ratio of urea nitrogen / creatinine greater than 20, the higher the probability caused by prerenal causes.

About the treatment of  creatinine levels to be high can not simply take hypoglycemic drugs, such as creatinine and other intestinal detoxification drugs can quickly reduce the creatinine, but after all, it’s only artificial detoxification, can not replace the kidney function, can not have repair effect on damaged kidney, treatment Should also start from damaged basement membrane, the eradication of immune complexes, repair diseased tissue. traditional Chinese medicine and other comprehensive treatment, fundamentally activate the body's immune system, accelerate kidney metabolism, change the kidney structure, to promote renal blood flow Increase, repair damaged glomerular, enhance glomerular re-absorption, activation of nephrons, restore normal renal physiological function, so that blood creatinine dropped to normal.

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