what causes creatinine|what can cause high creatinine

1When Kidney insufficiency patients got infections, including colds, pneumonia, intestinal infections, urinary tract infections, creatinine level can...

  • What are the causes of urinary protein?

    What are the causes of urinary protein? A lot of people do not understand what is proteinuria, do not know proteinuria is a sign of kidney damage, check out proteinuria, a lot of patients do not understand why they will appear these symptoms, the patient ...

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  • Protein urine commonly used to check the project description

    Proteinuria Although the disease is common, but only based on the patients symptoms is difficult to determine the disease, therefore, to diagnose proteinuria this disease must pass the relevant inspection items, then what should the protein...

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  • How does proteinuria occur by the nature of proteinuria?

    (A) functional proteinuria Is a mild benign proteinuria, the cause can quickly disappear after removal, 24h urine protein quantitative generally does not exceed 0.5g, the mechanism is not clear, may be affected by internal and external fact...


  • To proteinuria mechanism to see what is caused by proteinuri

    (A) renal proteinuria 1. Glomerular proteinuria, whether primary or subcutaneous glomerular damage, is the most common clinical protein. Glomerular filtration membrane lesions, basement membrane thickening, increased porosity, increased pro...


  • What are the diseases that can cause symptoms of proteinuria

    (A) acute glomerulonephritis Streptococcal infection, the immune complex caused by acute glomerulonephritis, the incubation period of 1 to 2 weeks, an average of 10 d onset, upper respiratory tract infection after the incubation period of 6...


  • what is the cause of high urinary protein?

    what is the cause of high urinary protein? Dont know a lot of people for urine protein high, but high urine protein harm to patients it is very big, the below, let experts to introduce in detail for us. what is the cause of high urinary pro...

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  • Can dehydration cause creatinine levels to rise?

    Can dehydration cause creatinine levels to rise? In fact, a short period of time the increase in creatinine level is due to dehydration caused. But what you need to know is that there are many factors that affect the level of creatinine, so...

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  • Causes and harms of elevated creatinine

    Constipation with end-stage renal disease treatment, end-stage renal disease (ESRD) in patients with kidney-friendly diet programs that can be easily tolerated for constipation. This is because patients with end-stage renal disease should b...

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  • What is the cause of high creatinine?

    What is the cause of high creatinine? Creatinine is an important indicator of kidney disease, high creatinine, indicating that the kidney may be some problems.And the kidney is an important organ in the human body, so what are the reasons f...

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  • When you see creatinine, do not forget to see this

    In the renal function of the examination, the majority of patients with kidney disease will focus on creatinine, because the creatinine is very convenient, a number is easy to see. But a lot of time, this is a kind of creatinine can not rep...


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