To what the creatinine level rise should kidney disease patients take dialysis?

If not having a kidney disease, most people rarely know what creatinine is. Serum creatinine is the product of human muscle metabolism, and the detection of serum creatinine is one of the main methods to understand renal function. According...

If not having a kidney disease, most people rarely know what creatinine is. Serum creatinine is the product of human muscle metabolism, and the detection of serum creatinine is one of the main methods to understand renal function. According to the results of serum creatinine test to determine whether patients with nephropathy or not.

Patients with kidney disease should be very sensitive to the value of serum creatinine, because the value of serum creatinine is directly related to the development of kidney disease, but also related to the need for hemodialysis. So, how much is the value of creatinine to dialysis?

What is the normal value of blood creatinine?

Creatinine is a product of creatine metabolism in human muscle. In muscle, creatine, which is mainly formed by an irreversible non enzymatic dehydration reaction, is slowly formed into creatinine and released into the bloodstream. Therefore, the relationship between serum creatinine and total body muscle is close, which is not easy to be influenced by diet. Creatinine is a small molecular substance, can be filtered through the kidney ball, very little absorption in the renal tubule, daily production of creatinine, almost all with urinary excretion.

Serum creatinine was normal at 8.4 - 1 3.25mmol/24 h urine or from 40 mg/dl to 130 mg/dl. Each detection of creatinine is not the same as the standard instrument, then the normal value of blood creatinine is a certain difference, but not too large, generally between 44-133umolL. When the level is more than 133umolL, it is thought that the patient's kidney get damaged, kidney failure. Patients should be further tested for glomerular filtration rate and renal fibrosis related to the prosecution to determine whether they have a serious renal damage.

What creatinine level prompt patients take dialysis?

Creatinine is much higher than normal in patients with renal failure, creatinine 500 is the critical point of dialysis, dialysis can be considered when creatinine number reaches 500! But not all patients with creatinine reached 500 need dialysis, creatinine is only suitable for the majority of the people of the reference value, the need for dialysis can see the specific physical condition of patients.

The number of blood creatinine to dialysis, according to the patients themselves to decide. Some patients with more than 500 general body tolerance did not live, then take dialysis, but some people more than one thousand creatinine then take dialysis. Dialysis effect is very good in dropping creatinine , but patients need to do regular dialysis, slightly relaxed creatinine will rise rapidly, even rise higher than the original, with the gradual decline in renal function, dialysis will be more frequent.

Although serum creatinine can accurately reflect the damage of renal parenchyma, it is not a sensitive index. Because the glomerular filtration rate dropped to normal 1/3, serum creatinine was significantly increased. That is to say, because the human kidney metabolism ability, when kidney damage is light when the general discomfort is not obvious, so a lot of people when the real nausea, vomiting and dizziness, actually has kidney damage, the serum creatinine also began to rise significantly.

Experts pointed out that if check result of serum creatinine value is too high or too low, it is a problem for the kidney kidney, we can not ignore, it is bad that because of a fear to go to hospital for treatment, resulting in more serious consequences. At this time, we must actively go to regular hospital treatment, must not delay, so as to avoid the deterioration of the disease, only the regular professional hospital can give patients treatment and protection, blind medical treatment is not desirable.


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