Patients with kidney disease should try to avoid the use of drugs

Advocating nature, return to nature, is a fashion today, the traditional Chinese medicine is also more and more welcomed by the majority of patients. Chinese medicine in the treatment of kidney disease does have a unique effect, which is no...

Advocating nature, return to nature, is a fashion today, the traditional Chinese medicine is also more and more welcomed by the majority of patients. Chinese medicine in the treatment of kidney disease does have a unique effect, which is no doubt. But the Chinese herbal medicine is not completely no side effects, once used improperly, "ginseng" can also "kill". With the large number of Chinese herbal medicine in the field of medical applications, the Chinese herbal medicine caused by kidney damage reports are more and more, we must pay attention to everyone.

Can damage the kidney function of the commonly used Chinese herbal medicine are: cantharidin, Tripterygium, hook kiss, mountain seedling, fish bile, mushroom, warehouse ear, wood pass, anti-self, Alisma, arsenic, croton, grass (Sichuan) Money, cinnabar, cinnamon, aphrodisiac , Euphorbia, Gan Sui, Guadi, senna, aloe, octagonal maple, Pulsatilla, mountain bean root and so on.

Some of these drugs, some can directly damage the kidney in the renal tubules, and some can directly damage the glomerular, and some can cause kidney blood flow reduction, resulting in renal damage, severe can cause uremia. Among them, cantharidin, tripterygium, hook kiss, mountain seedling, Guanmutong, mountain bean root, fish bile, al diarrheal kidney toxicity is the largest, should strictly control the dose and indications of these drugs, patients with kidney disease should try to avoid using these Drugs, patients with chronic nephritis is best not to use these drugs. Not only that, long-term use of these drugs containing traditional Chinese medicine, such as cinnabar sedative pills, Long Dan Xiegan pill, Long Hui pills, gynecological points clear pills, deafness pills, pure Yang Zhengqi pills, rhubarb Qingwei pills, , It is also possible to cause renal damage, therefore, the majority of patients taking Chinese medicine must be more than one mind, to understand the ingredients contained in a variety of proprietary Chinese medicines. Some chronic patients need long-term use of certain types of proprietary Chinese medicines, must understand its contained ingredients and toxic, non-toxic. But also according to different age, gender, physiological status and other medication. Pregnant women, frail, children and allergies should be used with caution toxic herbs. Patients with kidney disease should be careful when using these drugs, you can not use. During the medication to strengthen the liver and kidney function monitoring, renal failure is to disable the renal toxicity of Chinese herbal medicine and proprietary Chinese medicines.

In addition to Chinese herbal medicine, many commonly used Western medicine also has a larger renal toxicity, must be used with caution, patients with kidney disease is best not to take.

Western medicine with obvious nephrotoxicity has the following categories:

1. antibiotics Which aminoglycoside antibiotics. Such as gentamicin, amikacin and other toxic the most, cephalosporins, sulfonates also have kidney toxicity.

2. Anti-inflammatory analgesic. Such as indomethacin, ibuprofen and so on. Long-term large doses often lead to kidney interstitial lesions, the formation of "analgesic nephritis", and finally the development of renal failure, and treatment is more difficult.

3. Most anti-cancer drugs. Therefore, patients with renal insufficiency to be careful use of chemotherapy drugs.

4. Diuretics in diuretics.

5. There are other cyclosporine, do CT and other tests used by the agent, heavy metals, radiation and so on. Children, the elderly in the use of these drugs is to be careful, patients with kidney disease is best not to use the above drugs and check.

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