Symptoms of high creatinine level|high creatinine levels symptoms

Symptoms of elevated creatinine  1, water metabolism disorders: including polyuria, nocturia increased, thirsty, mucosal dry, fatigue, etc .; or syste...

  • Nephropathy is easy to repeat, what kind of symptom can neph

    Because of the weak constitution of patients with kidney disease, the number of immune cells in the body is smaller than that of the normal people, and the immune function is not strong. When the body has germs invading, sometimes the immune cells not onl...


  • Extrinsic manifestations of nephropathy at different stages

    Inflammation stage: in fact, most of the common external manifestations of nephropathy appear at this stage, such as foam urine, hematuria, edema, etc.. Because this stage is when the kidney units begin to be damaged, the performance is more intense. Just...


  • Why is it important to check blood creatinine levels?

    The kidneys maintain the blood creatinine in a normal range. Creatinine has been found to be a fairly reliable indicator of kidney function. Elevated creatinine level signifies impaired kidney function or kidney disease. he kidneys maintain...

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  • What is the effect of creatine supplementation on creatinine

    I have a young athlete who was scheduled for a CT scan w/contrast but his creatinine level was 1.4 and the test was postponed. He takes 5 gr of creatine each day and does heavy weight lifting for his college team. Any ideas? What is the eff...


  • Patients with kidney disease should try to avoid the use of

    Advocating nature, return to nature, is a fashion today, the traditional Chinese medicine is also more and more welcomed by the majority of patients. Chinese medicine in the treatment of kidney disease does have a unique effect, which is no...


  • Does aspirin have any effect on the kidneys?

    Aspirin on the kidney In addition to antipyretic analgesic and anti-rheumatic effects, aspirin can affect the accumulation of platelets and anti-thrombosis, to achieve the role of anticoagulation. Therefore, aspirin is widely used. We need...


  • What is the common "signal" when the blood lipid rises?

    What is the common "signal" when the blood lipids rise?Usually, the increase in blood lipids in the human body must be detected by blood tests. In fact, when the body fat will have some special "signal", know these "signal" can help people ...

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  • Why People with Diabetes Suffer from Puffy Eyes

    Eye puffiness is commonly experienced by all of us. It can be caused by a number of causes, most of which are benign. However, if the patients with diabetes suffer from puffy eyes, they should take more care of it. Puffy eyes in Diabetes ma...

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  • Early signs of kidney disease

    Early signs of kidney disease ...

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  • Abnormal urine volume

    A sign of an uncomfortable kidney Abnormal micturition...

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