The nephritis's attention to the diet

The nephritis's attention to the diet...

Once suffering from nephritis, in the diet should pay special attention to, then, nephritis what to eat?

The symptoms are not very serious people merger plasma protein down, can be appropriate to eat some protein containing high food, like fish, meat, eggs, milk, beans and bean products, together, should also eat fresh vegetables and fruits.

Edema obviously can eat more carrots, red bean, white gourd, gourd and other diuretic effect of the food.

At the same time, hematuria, can eat some lotus root, cabbage root, peanuts, eggplant and other hemostatic function of food.

People with high blood pressure, can eat some celery, cabbage, Persian grass, yellow bean sprouts, bean sprouts, fresh corn and other blood pressure lowering effect of the food.

On nephritis to eat what is good, experts also recommend nephritis therapeutic approach (hint: according to different conditions, in seeking doctor opinion can take porridge): carp: carp 1, 30 grams of rice. Carp to the scales offal, wash, add water and rice, cook for 1 hour time service to eat.

Pickpurse Eggdrop Soup: fresh shepherd 100g (dried 30g), clean, add three bowls of water, boil to a night plus 1 egg, cooked, eat egg soup, daily 1 ~ 2 times. The treatment of children with acute nephritis edema hematuria.


If you have any problems on nephritic syndrome or kidney disease, you can consult with our online doctor or send email to us:


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