creatinine diet|diet to reduce creatinine level|diet to lower creatinine levels

1.High creatinine can not eat salty but should maintain low-salt diet2High creatinine can not eat high phosphorus foods3.High creatinine can not eat h...

  • What patients can drink nephrosis?

    Many types of milk and dairy products, milk, milk, fortified milk, yogurt, milk drinks, cheeses, etc., are rich in nutrients, but kidney patients choose which one, you need to consider many aspects. Pure milk: a comprehensive nutritional component, but co...


  • Four major errors of diabetic nephropathy diet control in bl

    Some diabetic nephropathy patients mistakenly believe that the diet increases and taking more hypoglycemic drugs can control blood sugar, eat a lot when they have a good appetite, and then increase their own dosage. In fact, not only does it fail to contr...


  • What kind of food should children eat nephrotic syndrome?

    Pediatric nephrotic syndrome is a very dangerous disease, and more complex than adult nephrotic syndrome, the treatment is relatively more difficult. Parents need to be effective from all aspects of care, and diet is the most critical aspects of care....


  • Dietary Considerations for Patients with High Creatinine

    Many patients with high serum creatinine in the diet are at a loss, do not know what food will increase the increase in creatinine? Which foods can be assured to eat? The following experts to tell us that serum creatinine side High kidney disease patients...

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  • what foods lower creatinine level

    limit the intake of salt. No matter what kind of kidney disease, as long as there is edema, it must limit the salt intake. Edema is obvious, should be limited to 1 gram per day, severe and even require a salt-free diet. To reduce the diet t...

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  • How to keep good diet,What kind of food can cure anemia

    A message once said we can lack everything except blood!. However, nowadays many people are in the condition of anemia, including children, the aged, women as well as adults. The reasons of anemia are very complex and the diseases which wil...


  • Why kidney disease patients Eating Too Much Protein Going to

    Is Eating Too Much Protein Going to Harm My Kidneys? Nephrotic syndrome patients accompanied by hypoalbuminemia, then you can add some protein, you can take a small amount of protein powder, but there are two important prerequisites, one pa...


  • What should be noted in the diet of interstitial nephritis?

    What should be noted in the diet of interstitial nephritis? ...


  • The nephritis's attention to the diet

    The nephritis's attention to the diet ...


  • Diet points of patients with chronic renal failure

    restriction proteins may have no significant effect on chronic renal failure caused by hypertension, renal sclerosis, and adult polycystic kidney disease, but they are extremely beneficial for chronic nephritis and chronic renal failure caus...

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