• Oedema reoccur repeatedly and what is going on?

    2017-02-10 17:39:07

    Adley from Xinjiangis18,buthe was called old patient. What the hell is going on? The story beginin4 and a half years ago.Because of a cold,Adley lower limbs mild pitting edema, and had no other symptoms in the local hospital for examination...


  • Facial edema is a sign of kidney disease?

    2017-02-08 10:16:02

    1, sleep is not good If you stay up late at night (night watching TV or surfing the Internet, etc.) less sleep, the morning after it is prone to eye swelling and some pain will face swollen; again, some people nervous, I cant sleep at night...


  • Urinary protein 3+ is nephropathy?

    2017-02-08 10:15:20

    It is reported that many patients with nephropathy check out the urine protein 3+ in some hospitals, although they know the symptoms of harm, but many patients are encouraged because doctors dont regular hospital, blind treatment, to have k...


  • Pay attention to the risk factors of acute kidney injury.

    2017-02-08 08:22:17

    Usually, the elderly and infants, patients after surgery (especially undergoing major surgery cardiac surgery or surgery), diabetes, long-term with poorly controlled hypertension, chronic heart failure, and chronic kidney disease patients h...


  • What is invisible nephritis?

    2017-02-07 14:18:11

    Occult glomerulonephritis is a common type of primary glomerular disease, due to the clinical manifestations of mild or no symptoms. Occult nephritis patients, no obvious symptoms in clinical, but the performance of persistent mild proteinu...


  • Why is glomerulonephritis caused?

    2017-02-04 15:16:22

    1. Overwork: such as participation in brawn and violent movement, driving evenings, etc., this is one of the causes lead to nephritis. 2. By parasitic infection: (such as schistosome), protozoan infection (such as parasites), biological tox...


  • Your uremia is false?

    2017-02-01 14:14:05

    In general, kidney disease is a relatively slow development of the disease, according to the general response of these patients, the natural case of glomerular filtration rate decreased by 3 - 5ml/min. But there are also cases of acute kidn...


  • The causes of acute renal failure?

    2017-02-01 14:13:03

    Acute renal failure or acute renal failure is a clinical syndrome, two of renal excretion function decline sharply in the short term caused by a variety of reasons, the glomerular filtration function drops below 50% of normal, blood urea ni...


  • Why do we get kidney disease

    2017-02-01 14:10:29

    This is one of the most basic problem, but also a lot of kidney disease patients do not understand the problem. Because do not understand this problem, so in the course of treatment will appear a lot of questions and puzzled, today we will...


  • Etiology of nephropathy

    2017-01-26 17:26:13

    1, weather factors: because the weather becomes cold, skin and subcutaneous tissue vascular contraction, resulting in increased vascular resistance around, resulting in elevated blood pressure. 2, weight and obesity factors: weight gain is...


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