• Beware of hypertension induced nephropathy

    2017-03-03 14:25:25

    High blood pressure in the elderly is a common disease, sustained high blood pressure can cause a series of diseases, which is a kind of kidney disease, experts warn that high blood Pressure induced nephropathy. Renal damage caused by high...


  • What is the cause of hypertensive nephropathy?

    2017-03-03 14:17:09

    What is the cause of hypertensive nephropathy hypertension nephropathy is a kind of nephropathy, according to the etiology and development of hypertensive nephropathy, can be pided into several categories Type. So, what is the cause of hype...


  • What is the reason that causes genital infection?

    2017-03-02 14:39:30

    In fact, there are many causes of male genitourinary infection. Generally speaking, urethritis, cystitis can not cause sexual life science, but also by the hypertrophy of the prostate Large or chronic prostatitis. Many patients with fear an...


  • How can we discover kidney disease early?

    2017-03-02 14:33:53

    The majority of patients with kidney disease are unknowingly. Kidney disease onset hidden, when there are obvious symptoms, may have lesions Obviously. So how can you find yourself suffering from kidney disease earlier? Please pay attention...


  • Accurate diagnosis of nephritis by renal biopsy?

    2017-03-02 14:25:33

    Renal failure, uremia sounds terrible, but also feel very far away from us. When the panic into the reality of the moment, many patients are difficult to accept: What am I? Usually do not see any abnormality is a disease of uremia? A large...


  • How do you know your kidneys are sick?

    2017-03-02 14:24:36

    The kidney is one of the important organs of the human body, it is located on both sides of the body, like the broad bean, located in the abdominal wall of both sides of the spine. The physiological function of the kidney is to secrete urin...


  • Does the western food pattern lead to kidney disease?

    2017-03-02 14:21:13

    A new study in the Journal of the American Journal of kidney disease found that Western diets rich in red meat, processed meats, saturated fats and sweets Impaired renal function. The 11 year old study involved more than 3121 women. The res...


  • What is the culprit of renal dysfunction?

    2017-03-02 14:20:46

    Renal insufficiency and hypertension. In recent years, there has been a chronic disease that is spreading inexorably around the world All. Available data show that chronic renal insufficiency is a prominent and growing problem. The leading...


  • What is the diagnosis of hypertensive nephropathy?

    2017-03-02 13:47:28

    Do you know that? Some common diseases in life will be complicated by kidney disease, such as hypertension due to some reason appeared kidney methods, this is the most common hypertensive nephropathy, this disease is of great harm. So we wa...


  • Dialyzer coagulation factors

    2017-03-02 11:35:03

    1 non heparin dialysis: conventional hemodialysis require the use of anticoagulants such as heparin or low molecular weight heparin calcium, but the bleeding tendency has been bleeding or perioperative patients with dialysis in general do n...


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