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Four factors in the attention of renal failure

2016-12-24 10:27
Renal failure is a progressive renal injury and progressive deterioration of renal function caused by various primary renal diseases or secondary diseases. When renal function damage to internal environment can not maintain the balance of body, will cause the body endotoxin
The accumulation of sexual metabolites, water and electrolyte and acid-base balance disorder, and a series of clinical symptoms. Renal failure due to complex etiology, tortuous course, so patients with renal failure in the treatment of time, some matters need to focus
Be careful。
Timely treatment of primary nephrotic disease:
Most hospitals in the treatment of chronic renal failure, only a slight departure from the symptoms. In fact, in the course of treatment to find the original disease of what is the kidney, not only clinical symptoms, as far as possible do not dialysis, this
Although the method can alleviate the symptoms of renal failure, but the renal function unit in dialysis slowly lose its function, will gradually appear oliguria or even urine.
To choose appropriate exercise to prevent colds:
Kidney disease patients with autoimmune deficiency, renal insufficiency, low immunity. Cold is a systemic disease, decreased immune function, Chang Jifa infection. Infection can aggravate the process of renal fibrosis, aggravate renal damage function. Clinical proof
, twenty percent of patients with chronic nephritis due to the disease. Nearly forty percent of patients with chronic nephritis due to cold symptoms aggravate chronic nephritis, chronic renal failure is the first primary disease. It is not difficult for us to see that colds are bad for us.
Disease occurrence and development have adverse effects, focusing on prevention and treatment of cold has become an important factor in determining whether to accelerate the progression of renal fibrosis.
Can not be indiscriminate use of drugs:
In patients with chronic renal failure, some patients are related to nephrotoxic drugs. Therefore, patients are not free to use anti-inflammatory, analgesic drugs, such as gentamicin antibiotics.
Should pay attention to work and rest a lot of rest:
Studies have shown that people tired after suffering from sexual life, including the increase in body metabolites, increasing the workload of the kidney, has been suffering from chronic renal failure kidney adverse, so sicker. Therefore, a lot of rest, to avoid fatigue, fitness
When the rest is conducive to recovery of renal function.
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