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Facial wax yellow is actually renal failure

2016-12-31 10:22

Pale yellow wax was renal failure! When the body symptoms must be timely and correct treatment, don't think that's no need to pay attention to, must go to a regular hospital for treatment of kidney disease, make your life happier.
45 year old Mr. Huang in recent months a little yellow face, began to think that the sun is less in winter, who knows the hospital for a check, only to know that he has renal failure. Once he found his face sallow, severe anemia when to clinic in time to the hospital, exclusion of chronic kidney disease.
45 year old Zhang is a business leader in Nanjing, usually more than entertainment, work is also relatively tired, a few months ago, the family found Mr. Zhang's face is not right, a little yellow. The neighbors also said, may be Mr. Zhang recently not what sun sun, the nest in the office, so Mr. Zhang sun every day more than 1 hours, but recently Zhang feels less urine, something is wrong, then accompanied by his family, came to the hospital emergency center, Mr. zhang.
According to the time of emergency admissions doctors, patients came face sallow sallow, blood creatinine as high as more than 1 thousand, 10 times the normal above, patients in Department of Nephrology was immediately go to the hospital's emergency. All this makes family unexpected, Zhang livid because of his renal failure.
Some people have always been conscious of physical health, but when they appear obvious symptoms of discomfort, to the hospital for an examination, was diagnosed with uremia, accompanied by serious complications.
In fact, most patients with uremia are developed from the early stage of chronic kidney disease, but the early onset of chronic kidney disease hidden, not easy to be detected. First of all, when the eyelids or facial edema in the morning, usually these symptoms are aggravated when tired, in the rest of the afternoon, the afternoon will subside. Second, the urine bubble and long does not disappear. This suggests that there is more protein in the urine.
There is a change in urine color. Normal urine is light beer color, transparent color, dark brown, if the urine color of soy sauce, early treatment. Except if there is too much or too little urine. The average amount of urine of normal people is 1500 ml / day, daily urine 4 - 8 times, if there is no fever, sweating, drink lots of water, and urine volume decreased or increased, should be timely treatment. Under 60 years of age, generally should not have nocturnal urine, if the young man nocturia increased, may be an early sign of renal dysfunction.
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