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What does chronic kidney failure notice? Daily conditioning

2016-12-28 10:38
Patients with chronic renal failure can eat some foods rich in vitamins, but do not know the harm of these fruits, so that can not be blindly used. Chronic renal failure patients often feel nausea, prone to vomiting, often anorexia,
Many gastrointestinal symptoms. It is best to contact with professional doctors, comprehensive development is very suitable for patients with my diet plan, can help treat.
Many people may bring chronic renal failure is not very clear, there are a lot of people will feel very strange, but the harm of chronic renal failure disease of the patient's body can be said to be particularly large, for the treatment of chronic renal failure and disease
Daily conditioning, we should know more about. For chronic renal failure treatment of this disease, in addition to the general use of drug treatment, can also take the way of dietary recuperation. So, chronic renal failure patients need how to do
What is a diet that is related to regular remission therapy in patients with chronic renal failure.
Chronic renal failure patients daily need to do the primary attention is to control the amount of salt in the diet. Patients with chronic kidney failure need to adjust their diet according to their condition and their own renal function, not to say that all
Strict salt restricted diet is needed in patients with chronic renal failure. Hyperlipidemia is also one of the causes of chronic renal failure, so patients need a low-fat diet.
Low phosphorus diet is another problem needing attention in patients with chronic renal failure. Chronic renal failure patients usually due to their glomerular filtration rate decreased, phosphorus excretion will be reduced, if chronic renal failure patients long
For some relatively high phosphorus diet, the disorder will greatly increase their own body ratio of calcium and phosphorus, for kidney constitutes a more serious injury, and chronic renal failure patients should avoid some relatively high phosphorus
Food intake.
About chronic renal failure disease patients diet aspects of the introduction, temporarily for everyone to make the above explanation, hope that the majority of chronic renal failure patients can learn from some diet concept. In addition, kidney experts mention
Wake up, some relatively high phosphorus after all food products are mainly aquatic products (including some aquatic plants), animal liver, black sesame, peanuts and walnuts and other foods, these foods in patients with chronic renal failure need to eat less and use too much
It will cause skin itching, can use some calcium diet.
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