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What is the cause of chronic renal failure in chronic renal

2016-12-28 10:38
Chronic renal failure, caused by a variety of kidney injury disease, kidney disease, which after diagnosis must pay attention to prevention and treatment, otherwise the development of the latter on the formation of uremia, and once uremia will directly formed.
Affect the patient's life and health, so that patients lose their lives.
Understand the harm of chronic renal failure who are aware of this disease although in the early days and what will not have obvious symptoms, but if not pay attention to early prevention to continue its development, is very easy to cause the patient's life
The threat, so how to prevent chronic renal failure, kidney disease is a friend should do the prevention, and also pay attention to understand what is the reason of chronic renal failure, it is for the prevention of
In fact, the prevention of chronic renal failure in primary prevention, two grade prevention and three grade prevention, the primary prevention for chronic nephritis or pyelonephritis patients, this time to pay attention to timely treatment to avoid chronic
The formation of renal failure. The two grade prevention is for have chronic renal injury patients, pay attention to the low protein diet to this time, at the same time to control their blood pressure, do not appear cold, infection, so
Can avoid chronic renal failure formation.
The three level of prevention is for patients with chronic renal failure has been formed, this time active treatment to avoid the formation of uremia is the focus of prevention.
Methods three primary prevention of chronic renal failure of the main people in different stages, and the cause of chronic renal failure is more complicated and diversified, such as metabolic disease, glomerular nephritis, renal vascular disease, diabetes
Disease nephropathy, hypertension renal arteriolar sclerosis and infectious renal injury and other kidney diseases, these are the ultimate cause of chronic renal failure formation of the main reasons.
In summary, friends should understand how to prevent the cause of chronic renal failure and chronic renal failure is what it is, in fact, from the cause of the disease you should know, if you want to prevent chronic renal failure, the best way
It is usually pay attention to protect their kidney health, don't let any kidney disease who is suffering from chronic renal failure, this will make no can take advantage of the machine, it can make you completely from the chronic renal failure, live a happy life, why
And not for.
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