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Causes of renal failure

2016-12-24 14:27
Suffering from kidney failure is very annoying, damage of renal failure on the body is very large, many people do not understand what is the cause of renal failure.
1 systemic disease or poisoning can cause renal failure: systemic diseases can affect the kidney, leading to renal failure, such as long-term hypertension, diabetes, liver cirrhosis, gout and heavy metal poisoning.
2 the cause of renal failure is due to obstruction of lower urinary tract: such as prostatic hyperplasia or tumors, urinary stones, neurogenic bladder, easy to cause secondary infection and repeated infection caused by chronic renal failure, accounting for about 1/5.
3 renal lesions: this kind of induced renal failure accounted for more than 70% of chronic renal failure. Such as various types of chronic glomerulonephritis, nephrotic syndrome, chronic interstitial nephritis, kidney stones, renal tubular acidosis, etc..
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