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What is the cause of renal failure

2016-12-31 11:38

Many chronic kidney disease, developed to the middle and late stages of the disease, will lead to the loss of renal function, which is called renal failure, is one of the serious kidney disease. Experts pointed out that according to the onset of renal failure or divided into acute and chronic kidney
Failure two, what is the cause of renal failure? Here we look together.
In life there are many factors will lead to the incidence of renal failure, so we must get to know these reasons, so that targeted prevention of renal failure, then, next to you to introduce specific renal failure caused by disease
What are the reasons, we hope to bring some help.
1, drug induced renal failure
In the investigation of many patients with renal failure, renal damage caused by inappropriate use of nephrotoxic drugs was accumulated to a certain extent. For example, painkillers, painkillers containing phenacetin, continue to take long-term damage
Damage the kidney, cause chronic interstitial nephritis, and then develop to renal failure; in addition, improper use of drugs such as gentamicin can also cause kidney failure.
2, modern pollution
Our living environment more and more pollution, air pollution, food pollution, nuclear radiation, noise and so many toxins accumulate in the body, threatening the health of human kidney, may also have a certain degree of damage, in the course of time, change
Symptoms of renal failure.
3, a large number of tissue damage
Clinical results show that acute renal failure often occurs after a large number of tissue damage, such as crush injury, large vascular surgery, severe fractures, etc..
4, the kidney has a special toxic substances
For example, mercury, bismuth, phosphorus, carbon tetrachloride and some pathogens and antibiotics.
5, life is not the law led to
Modern people will smoke, drinking, work and rest without certain rules, overworked, will damage the kidney resulting in kidney deficiency, with the development of the disease, further deterioration into renal failure.
6, misdiagnosis caused by chronic renal failure
Some symptoms of kidney disease due to similar to other, easy to cause misdiagnosis, delay the disease, which makes the kidney disease continues to deteriorate, kidney damage intensified, resulting in chronic renal failure. For example, some patients with kidney disease will appear poor
The symptoms of blood from the patient's perspective, due to the lack of common sense on the basis of kidney disease, anemia, of mild symptoms such as fatigue, fatigue, hypertension, frequent nocturia and ignore the economic conditions of the delayed disease; from the doctor said full
Foot symptoms in the diagnosis, ignoring the accompanying complications, and not to do the relevant examination is leading to misdiagnosis, delay condition, resulting in chronic renal failure.
The above article has been introduced in detail for you, life caused by kidney failure bad habits, we must remember these bad habits, to avoid these bad habits. In our life, we should pay attention to control drinking, also
There is usually to eat light food, do not eat too much more than greasy and intake of too much salt.
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