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What are the factors that affect renal function examination?

2018-01-20 15:31

I believe many friends are watching more than some news about misdiagnosis in hospitals that make patients worse and even die, disease diagnosis is the first and most critical step. Correct diagnosis of nephropathy is conducive to the treatment of disease, the treatment of disease can be better treatment. Many friends suspect their kidney has problems, what are the factors that affect the renal function examination?

What are the factors that affect renal function examination?

There are 5 major factors affecting nephropathy examination, which need our attention.

Pay attention to rest, avoid strenuous exercise, reduce the excessive decomposition of creatine.

Avoid heavy drinking, tiredness, excessive consumption of meat and light diet before examination. Patients with blood test and renal function must fast meat for 3 consecutive days. Daily protein intake should be less than 40 grams.

The determination of blood urea nitrogen and serum creatinine was of great clinical significance in the middle and advanced stage of renal disease. The serum creatinine concentration was less affected by diet and the prognosis was poor when the serum creatinine concentration increased obviously.

Endogenous creatinine clearance test. During the renal function test, the subjects took a low-protein diet for three days before and on the test day, fasting meat and avoiding strenuous exercise. Then add urine into the clean container with toluene preservative at 24 hours until 8:00. Take venous blood 2-3 ml on the test day. Send blood and urine to test at the same time.

No aspirin should be taken before the renal function test. Penicillin and other drugs. Before and during the test should avoid diuretic drinks such as tea and coffee. 20 minutes before the test ordered patients to urinate first, then drinking 300-400 ml, after no drinking water.

Warm reminder: nephropathy patients under colder and colder weather, must pay attention to keep warm, must not catch a cold, once have the cold will be inflamed, have an impact on the condition.

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