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Why do young people easy suffer from uremia?

2017-08-17 18:51

Uremic patients are increasingly young, so many young friends, for their own health, to know how to prevent and check the uremia is essential.

Now more and more young patients with uremia, there is no gender age, so young people to increase the main, do not think that young is the capital and ignore their own health. And in the early stages of uremia, the symptoms are not obvious, easier for young people to ignore and delay the treatment of the period. So usually young people must pay attention to the prevention of uremia, then the specific should be how to do?

Uremia clinical symptoms varied, can accumulate to the body of the system, the most common are high blood pressure, anemia, acidosis, electrolyte imbalance. Patients can have dizziness, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting. To regularly check the renal function, endogenous creatinine clearance rate, ECT, etc., early detection of the disease, control the disease. Because of the early symptoms of uremia is not obvious, it is very easy to be ignored, and once the patient perceived discomfort, often too late, many people develop advanced uremia, can only rely on dialysis or kidney transplantation to maintain fragile life The

Our experts say that almost all of the kidney disease can be manifested by abnormal urine abnormalities, so to timely urine test. In addition, after getting up eyelid edema, backache weakness may be the initial performance of kidney disease, red urine, urination when more foam and long duration, limbs, face, body skin more red dot or erythema, limbs Joint pain and so should be alert.

So the best recommended half a year to do a urine routine, renal function and B-ultrasound, especially a family history of kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity and other high-risk groups should pay more attention to physical examination.

For young friends, do not use their own young as a healthy capital, but should be a regular check, do not hold back urine, drink plenty of water, light diet, reduce salt intake, long-term large number of analgesics, , Protect the kidneys.

Why do young people easy suffer from uremia

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