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What are the common causes of nephritis?

2017-08-15 11:50
What are the common causes of nephritis? Nephritis presumably we all understand. But do you know how is nephritis caused? What are the common factors causing nephritis? Next kidney disease experts will introduce it in detail.
First, immune disease and vasculitis. Nephritis etiology is some autoimmune diseases, itself rarely show nephritis such as rheumatoid arthritis, but the use of some drugs analgesic anti-inflammatory, and concurrent glomerulonephritis. As for the inflammation caused by vasculitis, the situation is usually more serious, the need for active treatment. Such as erythema lupus, also caused by the deposition of immune complex lead to renal glomerulonephritis.
Second, tumor. Nephritis causes some blood tumors or colorectal cancer, lung cancer, may cause nephritis. These tumors may express specific antigens or secrete certain factors that cause in vivo manufacture of antibodies to form immune complexes deposited in the kidney filaments.
Third, genetic. Nephritis is due to family genetic collagen defects leading to nephritis, and ultimately cause end-stage renal failure, nephritis patients will have other abnormalities, usually family history will have a clear history of end-stage renal failure. The etiology of nephritis is not known at present, which accounts for the majority of glomerulonephritis. But the cause of unknown nephritis does not mean that there is no nephritis etiology, many environmental factors, minor infections may be the reason, but it is not clear so far.
Through the above detailed introduction of the common causes of nephritis, I believe we all have a certain understanding of the common factors causing nephritis.

What are the common causes of nephritis

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