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What are the factors that lead to nephrosis?

2017-07-19 16:24
Many patients with kidney disease feel strange about their condition, and do not know why they suffer from kidney disease. The following Xiaobian to introduce what factors lead to kidney disease, including what are for reference only.
Factors that contribute to nephropathy include both intrinsic and extrinsic factors. As the weather becomes cooler, the skin and subcutaneous tissue vessels shrink, resulting in increased resistance to peripheral blood vessels, leading to elevated blood pressure. Hypertension is a major factor in the development of kidney disease. In addition, weight gain is also a risk factor for hypertension. The fatter the body, the greater the risk of developing hypertension.
Improper diet is often the direct cause of kidney disease. For people with heavy tastes, they have a much higher risk of developing kidney disease than those who are less likely to suffer from kidney disease. Often eating too salty things can lead to kidney disease, so it is best to choose a light diet.
Many men like smoking and drinking, while smoking and drinking can lower the body immunity and lead to kidney disease. Long period of work stress, heavy mental burden, irregular life, long stay up late, lack of sleep or rest can all cause nephropathy.
What are the factors that lead to nephrosis? Heredity is the major cause of kidney disease. A large number of studies have shown that kidney disease has a strong genetic predisposition, but only genetic factors interact with environmental factors to lead to the emergence of kidney disease.
What are the factors that lead to nephrosis? The above content is described in detail, we hope to help you. Keep good living habits and eating habits in life, and avoid the occurrence of kidney disease. If you have any further questions, please contact our online doctor or leave a message for us. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

What are the factors that lead to nephrosis

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