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What causes acute renal failure? What is the performance?

2016-12-27 09:05
Cause of renal failure
Progress of acute renal failure disease quickly, usually due to insufficient supply of renal blood flow (such as trauma or burn), renal obstruction caused by dysfunction due to certain factors or by poison damage caused by acute renal failure. Acute renal failure, including:
1 renal N and n. Because of insufficient blood volume or insufficiency of heart function, renal blood perfusion is insufficient and glomerular filtration rate is reduced.
2 post renal interstitial. Urinary tract and blood urea nitrogen (Bun) increase due to acute obstruction of urinary tract due to calculus, tumor or prostatic hypertrophy.
3 renal acute renal failure. As a result of renal parenchymal disease, under certain incentives, two renal function deteriorated rapidly, with acute tubular necrosis most seen.
We know the cause of renal failure, the renal failure which symptoms and performance? In addition to uremia, renal failure is the second major health killer. Many people will be very afraid of renal failure, many patients once found the condition has been and serious, so know what symptoms of renal failure is very necessary.
The most prominent symptoms of acute renal failure is the daily urine volume decreased sharply to 450 ml, because micturition is too small, the excess water can not be discharged from the body in vitro, can produce water intoxication (cerebral edema, pulmonary edema, etc.); at the same time, metabolic waste can not effectively excreted in the blood metabolic waste well play increased. If the blood test will find creatinine and urea is very high, the doctor was called "nitremia".
In fact, acute renal failure symptoms are complicated, azotemia, hyperkalemia, hyperphosphatemia, hyperamgnesemnin, acidosis, urine tests can be found in the low proportion, usually at around 1.010. Low urine specific gravity is characteristic of acute renal failure. Non acute renal failure caused by oliguria symptoms, general urine weight should be increased. Second, urine routine examination showed protein, tube type, red blood cells and white blood cells, etc.. This less original sustainable 3-5 days or more than 10 days, depending on the severity of the disease and not the same. During this period the patient often died of hyperkalemia or water intoxication.
During remission renal failure, through the oliguria phase performance, urine output gradually increased, and can exceed the normal urine volume, and some daily urine volume up to 8.000-10.000 ml. During this period, although the renal function began to recover, the patient began to improve, but the patient's metabolic disorder will continue for some time, the patient has not been out of danger. When the patient's urine returns to normal, all metabolic disorders have no performance, can explain the acute renal failure into the rehabilitation stage, and the complete recovery of renal cells need six months to two years.
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