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What is the effect of protein supplementation on diabetic ne

2017-06-15 14:41

Diabetes nephropathy prevention and treatment is a lot of kidney dysfunction and diabetes friends concerned about the problem, kidney disease can seriously affect the patient's health and normal life of the disease, I believe many patients are aware of the protein is early diabetic nephropathy prevention and treatment of the method One, but the protein supplement should not blindly add, according to the doctor's advice to add the appropriate amount to prevent the prevention and treatment of diabetic nephropathy play a positive role.

Plant protein in the non-essential amino acid content is high, bioavailability is small, excessive intake will increase the burden on the kidneys, early prevention and treatment of diabetic nephropathy adverse. Plant protein mainly from cereals, rhizomes, dried fruits, nuts, etc., diabetic patients in the consumption of plant protein tired food must be careful.

And animal protein must be high amino acid content, high utilization rate, nutritional value is also good, especially animal food in the milk, eggs, aquatic species, which is better nutritional value of protein, is conducive to the protection of the kidneys, beneficial to diabetic nephropathy To prevent. Animal protein is mainly derived from fish and shrimp, poultry meat, meat, eggs and milk. However, patients with diabetes should also pay attention when eating, can not eat, the amount can be.

Prevention and treatment of early diabetic nephropathy, in addition to control of glucose metabolism disorders, the selection of high-quality protein diet is also essential measures. Beijing Tong Shantang Chinese medicine hospital kidney disease experts pointed out that diabetic patients should pay attention to everything have degrees, diabetes diet should be reasonable, even if there is food on the benefits of diabetes can not eat. All things have degrees, do not cross the measurement, causing qualitative change.

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