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Excessive whitening products cause kidney disease

2017-06-15 14:39

In the strong sunlight, most women will use some whitening, sunscreen skin care products so that they are not tanned, but some whitening skin care products in a lot of chemical ingredients exceeded, often use will lead to the human body pathological response. tongshantang hospital kidney hospital learned that the hospital recently admitted to a use of "mercury exceeded" whitening products caused by kidney disease patients.

Ms. Lu, who lives in tongshantang hospital County, 29 years old, in a construction company to do the project cost, often in the building upstairs downstairs run many times, two months ago began dizziness, fatigue, insomnia anxiety symptoms, Ms. Lu thought it was working Too tired to cause, and not on the heart. "At the beginning did not take seriously, until there is a break at night, found his legs swollen powerful, ankle socks out of a deep mark." Miss Lu said that this went to the county next to the factory to do a check , Was told to suffer from nephrotic syndrome.

How can the end of the suffering from nephrotic syndrome? Very depressed Ms. Lu and the city in a large hospital to do a further inspection, urine test results show that her urine mercury content is very high, nephrotic syndrome caused by mercury poisoning.

"At that time did not think too much, in strict accordance with the requirements of doctors to receive treatment, while the side of the treatment of nephrotic syndrome." Miss Lu said that more than a month after the mercury is not, but the condition has been repeated but not improved.

So that Ms. Lu is more confused is not exposed to mercury in the work, how will mercury poisoned it? Repeated disease is not there are other reasons? With these questions she came to tongshantang hospital kidney hospital, the hospital chief Shi Wei detailed asked , Ms. Lu said that because the regular wind and sun, he has been using foreign purchasing whitening, sunscreen cosmetics.

Because mercury can kill melanocytes, whitening products, most contain a small amount of mercury, Miss Lu's test results show that her urine mercury content is very high, do not rule out her use of cosmetics mercury content exceeded the possibility of Shi Wei introduced.

"Mercury through the skin into the body, a large number of infiltration within a short time can cause renal tubular epithelial cell necrosis, leading to impaired renal function." Shi Wei said that renal tubular epithelial cell necrosis, secretion and concentration of uric acid function will have obstacles, Uric acid in the renal tubular local aggregation, Ms. Lu has been repeatedly, after the initial diagnosis of her suffering from uric acid nephropathy.

"Targeted to do uric acid excretion rate detection, this specific test can be nephrotic syndrome and uric acid nephropathy accurately distinguish, and ultimately determine Ms. Lu suffering from uric acid nephropathy." Shi Wei introduced, know the cause, to determine The lesion, Ms. Lu in the hospital through the system of Chinese medicine treatment, the current indicators have returned to normal.

In addition to damage to kidney function, the mercury will damage the body's nervous system, reproductive system, hematopoietic system. Mild mercury poisoning will appear fatigue, dizziness, headache, sleep disorders, irritability and other symptoms, severe lead to central nervous system damage, there are obvious neuropsychiatric symptoms, mercury toxic encephalopathy and so on.

So to remind the majority of female friends in the purchase of cosmetics as much as possible to choose a good reputation, big brands of products, foreign countries should be more careful to distinguish the authenticity of the use of the process once the feeling of discomfort, should immediately stop using and go to the hospital to do the relevant inspection.

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