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Is diabetes a "hungry" problem?

2017-06-06 11:05

How does insulin work?

First let us know about the metabolic process of glucose, we eat bread or rice in the gastrointestinal tract through the role of amylase, broken down into glucose, glucose through the small intestinal mucosa into the blood circulation, the blood glucose concentration increased rapidly, at the same time , Pancreatic islet cells secreted insulin is also released into the blood, the cycle of each cell around the body, these insulin quickly open the cell membrane of the glucose channel, the cells around the smooth glucose into the cells, the decomposition of energy generated by the energy supply for the cells , This time, we feel the body strength, breathing heartbeat can be normal, the normal functioning of brain cells. So that the blood glucose increased rapidly to the normal level, completed the complete process of insulin regulation of blood sugar. In this process, insulin is the "key" of opening the glucose channel on the cell membrane.

How is the insulin in your body produced?

Insulin is the body of the pancreatic islet cells produced in the pancreas, in order to let the islet cells produce enough normal insulin, must be given to the islet cells supply a sufficient amount of nutrients, these nutrients are the islet cells themselves need nutrients, Is the islet cell synthesis of insulin raw materials.

1, protein, amino acid. Amino acids are the basic raw materials for islet cells to synthesize insulin, and these raw materials are based on our dietary structure and are sufficient for urban and rural residents.

2, minerals, trace elements such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese, selenium, chromium and other elements, some of the constituent components of insulin, some is the normal work of islet cells need nutrients.

3, vitamins, such as vitamin A, B vitamins (B1, B2, B6, folic acid, nicotinic acid, etc.), some essential nutrients for the synthesis of insulin, some of the islet cells need nutrients.

Your islet cells do not know if you are hungry!

Your islet cells in the long-term hunger you do not even know! We are so many years we are to fine rice noodles as the staple food, a harsh reality tells us that fine white rice in addition to rich in sugar, the mineral trace elements and vitamins are minimal, because the food is too fine in the processing process, these Minerals trace elements, vitamins and dietary fiber depleted, while today's vegetables in the vitamin is far less than 40 years ago, the vitamin content of vegetables. Studies have shown that 2015 jin 10 pounds of spinach is equivalent to 1963 1 kg of spinach nutritional value. These staple foods and vegetables, although you are full, but contains minerals trace elements and vitamins little pitiful. So that your body's islet cells do not get the minerals they need trace elements and vitamins, islet cells have been starving. This kind of hunger we are not subjective, so called latent hunger. So the main reason for the occurrence of diabetes is: diabetes is "hungry" out of the problem.

It is because of your body islet cells do not get enough balanced nutrient raw materials, resulting in its synthesis of insulin is not normal, is defective, this defective insulin, also known as "Yi complained", it is fundamental Can not be timely and effectively open the cell membrane of the glucose channel, glucose can not effectively enter the cell inside the cell for energy, so the body feel weak, high blood sugar levels, blood sugar regulation is a failure.

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