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Left kidney cyst is how the matter

2017-06-06 11:04

What is the formation of left renal cyst?

Left kidney cyst is how is it? There are two kidneys in the human body, indicating that the two kidneys in the human body have a different role, if the left kidney problems will affect the health of the body. Left kidney cyst is a concentrated expression of renal cysts in the left kidney, the general left renal cysts refers to the left kidney single renal cysts. Left renal cysts from the pathogenesis of speaking, and polycystic kidney different. Left kidney cyst is not inherited by congenital but acquired. Recent studies suggest that it may be developed from renal tubular perticulum. With age, distal tubule and collecting duct perticulum increased, the incidence of left renal cysts also increased.

The left renal cyst gene changes the metabolism of tubule epithelial cells and parietal cells,

① persistent epithelial cell proliferation, can form polypoid lesions caused by renal tubular obstruction. Obstruction in front of the tube fluid retention, swelling into cysts. In addition, the formation of hyperplasia by the polypoid material in the cyst neck can cause semi-obstructive state, so that the liquid is not easy to flow out, the cyst then expanded;

② cystic genes affect the tubule epithelial cells Na-K-ATPase, so that the amount of fluid within the tubules increased, and the proliferation of parietal cells secrete liquid;

③ produce abnormal extracellular matrix, change the basement membrane and wall state, is conducive to the development of cysts;

④ small tube epithelial cells and the middle wall cells produce a series of bioactive substances to promote the secretion of cysts;

⑤ infection and toxins act on the tube to stimulate the cyst gene, change the tubule cell metabolism, and even directly cause epithelial cell necrosis, necrosis after cell shedding can also cause obstruction, and necrosis after regeneration also promote cell proliferation.

Do the prevention of left renal cyst is very important

First, the throat, tonsils and other streptococcal infection, the need to immediately cure antibiotics should be completely, not halfway and waste, especially children need to pay attention, otherwise the streptococcus susceptible to kidney disease.

Second, unfortunately got kidney disease, please immediately see the kidney specialist to do the most appropriate treatment, or chaos to find Jianghu Lang eat herbal remedies, missed the timing of treatment, derived more complications, and even short term into uremia.

Third, the amount (full) drink water does not hold back urine. Urine in the bladder for too long is easy to breed bacteria, bacteria are likely to be infected through the ureter to the kidneys, every day full of water at any time urination, the kidney is not easy stones.

Fourth, control of high blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, please immediately find a doctor to take medicine, the blood pressure control in the safe range. Due to long-term high blood pressure will continue to destroy the renal microvascular, the kidney is composed of two million kidney (microvascular) composition.

5, women before pregnancy for renal function tests, to avoid the occurrence of uremia when pregnant women, due to increased burden on the kidneys, so the best pregnant women before pregnancy check for kidney disease, if there is a considerable degree of kidney disease (sometimes do not know ), Please speed with the kidney specialist to discuss whether pregnancy. Or blind pregnancy, kidney disease may soon deteriorate into uremia, to "wash kidney" level.


Through the left kidney cyst is how the formation of the introduction, I believe we all have to understand it, I hope you find the disease, timely treatment, do not delay the disease caused by adverse consequences, and finally wish the patient to return to health as soon as possible!

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