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"Renal biopsy" is the gold standard for diagnosing kidney di

2017-06-06 11:02


In China, the incidence of kidney disease is 10%, that is, there are more than 100 million patients with kidney disease in China. It is understood that kidney disease in the early when almost no symptoms, once found is already in the late. Many patients are often due to poor appetite, nausea, vomiting, or abnormal blood pressure and other symptoms to the hospital for treatment, the examination found to be uremia.

For kidney disease, if you can early detection, the cure rate is very high, with the most difficult to treat membranous nephropathy, the cure rate can reach 80%. Liu Zhuren said, in fact, very simple, in the physical examination should pay attention to urine routine examination can be, to accurately diagnose kidney disease, "renal biopsy" is the result of gold standard.

Urine routine - to determine whether to suffer from kidney disease?

Now the general physical examination items are included in the urine of a check, as long as we regularly carry out physical examination, you can early detection of kidney disease. If you do alone, urine only need more than ten dollars. In other words, only a dozen dollars, you can determine whether the kidneys are healthy.

Because of early symptoms of kidney disease, so regular urine routine examination is very important, early detection, early treatment, will effectively improve the cure rate and reduce the economic burden of patients.

"Renal biopsy" is the gold standard for correct diagnosis of kidney disease

If the urine routine examination results are abnormal, the doctor will usually ask the patient for further examination, such as: renal function test, can determine the degree of kidney damage.

In view of the wide variety of kidney diseases, etiology and pathogenesis complex, the clinical manifestations of many kidney disease and renal histological changes are not exactly the same, for further diagnosis, the doctor will usually require patients to "renal biopsy." This is the "golden standard" for the accurate diagnosis of kidney disease.

"Renal biopsy" is a traumatic check, remove the cost factor, many patients with kidney disease because of fear of safety, do not want to accept, or even refuse to check. Liu Zhengrong director explained, in fact, this operation has been a routine diagnosis of kidney disease diagnosis, the operation is safe, only 10-15 glomeruli, will not cause damage to the kidneys, while the operation time is very short, generally only a few Second.

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