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What causes kidney atrophy?

2017-06-04 09:07

If a person's kidneys are atrophic, this should cause the patient to attach great importance to the patient's kidney health and overall health status. What is the cause of kidney atrophy? Please follow us to find the right treatment.

Renal atrophy refers to renal ischemia and hypoxia caused by reduced size of the kidneys and abnormal renal function levels decreased. This condition usually occurs in different types of end-stage renal disease, causing renal artery stenosis, and kidney dysplasia.

If the patients have diabetic nephropathy, hypertensive nephropathy, FSGS, IgA nephropathy or lupus nephropathy. At the end of the period, the size of the kidneys should be less than the size of the normal kidneys.

In addition to abnormal kidney size, patients will suffer from a variety of toxic symptoms, such as body swelling, high blood pressure, proteinuria, low back pain, hematuria and so on. All of which will affect the prognosis of the patient.

In fact, some other patients were born when we called the congenital kidney dysplasia of the small kidney. A part of the patient lives in a small kidneys. If the two kidneys do not work properly, they may be quite young when it is recommended to start dialysis or do the kidney.

From the above analysis, the patient's contraction of the kidney should be treated as soon as possible to save their kidneys. Some experts in China have proven to be effective in refreshing kidney cells, increase blood flow into the kidneys, and improve kidney function. , Chinese medicine should depend on the condition of the patient, so the patient is advised to provide detailed information about the condition on the Internet.


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