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How does kidney disease and heart disease work together

2017-05-14 16:41

How does kidney disease and heart disease contribute to each other How does kidney disease and heart disease work together Patients with kidney disease are more at risk of heart disease than healthy ones. Precisely, kidney disease and heart disease affect each other. Well, what kind of relationship between them

Heart problems are more common in those with a certain kidney disease than those without kidney problems. The most important cause of death for patients with kidney disease is heart disease.

Abnormal kidney function increases the risk of heart disease. The kidneys respond to clear blood from waste and toxins, with kidney disease, various harmful substances accumulate in the blood and damage other systems and organs, including the heart.

In addition, the kidney problem is often seen in patients with heart failure and it increases the risk of death.

What are the dangerous factors that affect kidney and heart disease

Hypertension, increased creatinine in the blood and diabetes are two important causes of kidney and heart disease.

How to reduce the risk of heart and kidney disease

- Do physical exercises every day. For example, every day to walk for at least 30 minutes.

- Limit the use of sodium to sodium, avoid salty foods.

- More to choose fresh vegetables and fruits, replacing unhealthy food.

- Limit the intake of animal fats, like butter and lard.

- Monitor complications, such as anemia and hypertension.

- Stop drinking and smoking.

Kidney disease, diabetes, hypertension and other conditions can cause heart problems. And so you should always observe a healthy lifestyle.

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