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Health care products and the common cause of chronic renal f

2016-12-26 11:10
The common causes of chronic renal failure with:
(1) glomerulonephritis: immune complexes cause various pathophysiological changes leading to glomerulonephritis, and finally cause chronic renal failure. Renal failure may occur in a few months, can also be in a few years, until the serum urea and creatinine increased, reduced to half of the normal renal function, symptoms will appear. Sometimes a few years after the onset of symptoms of uremia, until the terrible appeared, was diagnosed with glomerulonephritis.
(2) interstitial nephritis, interstitial nephritis, chronic renal failure, the incidence rate accounted for second. Renal tubular atrophy, fibrosis, scarring leading to reduced glomerular blood supply and renal dysfunction, is one of the causes of chronic renal failure.
(3) diabetic nephropathy: a long course of diabetes, some people may have renal complications, especially in youth or type I diabetes patients can appear proteinuria, which is often the first indication of kidney involvement. Diabetic kidney disease, about half in the 5 years after the occurrence of renal failure, diabetes and other complications, such as reticuloendothelial system, cardiovascular system and nervous system complications can occur at the same time.
How to choose health products in uremic patients
1, some patients with uremia when the health care products to eat, they think that eating healthy food can completely supplement the body missing nutrients. In fact, this is very adverse to the body. Because some health foods only strengthen or improve the effect of a certain function of uremic patients, but can not be a fundamental source of physical nutrition and energy supply.
2, there are patients with uremia believe exaggerated advertising. In fact, some of the products is not so good publicity. In addition, health food can only prevent and regulate the sub-health status of uremic patients, it is impossible to treat uremia.
3, uremic patients that the health food has no side effect. Many patients believe that the role of health food supplement only, eat and not harm the body. In fact, some health care products containing pharmaceutical ingredients, eat too much will produce toxic side effects, or even worse. Each person has a self balancing ability, not all people need health care products.
Kidney disease patients need, scientific diet, pay attention to their health, but also pay attention to health matters, avoid adverse consequences to maintain a good mood happy mood, which are more conducive to disease rehabilitation.
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