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How to prevent the deterioration of renal function

2017-05-07 19:05

How to prevent the deterioration of renal function in patients with chronic nephritis can be considered from the aspects of life, diet, prevention of infection and so on

Patients with chronic nephritis should stay in bed during the attack,

Especially obvious edema or seriously ill patients, because the bed rest, can increase diuresis, and can reduce the risk of heart failure, hypertension encephalopathy and other complications, so as to not cause further deterioration of renal function, in the recovery period, should be increased gradually, the muscles gradually returned to normal. Because lying long can make physical resistance weakened. Loss. When necessary, take some measures such as strengthening physique guangbocao, Taiji and so on, to improve the body's defenses.

In life, we should always pay attention to climate change, and indoor clothing should be warm, because the cold can cause renal arteriolar spasm, aggravate renal ischemia, the deterioration of renal function. In addition, pay attention to personal hygiene, keep the skin clean, in order to reduce the occurrence of pyoderma. At the same time, should pay attention to the prevention of respiratory tract infections and tonsillitis, including angina,.

The removal of chronic inflammatory lesions, such as tonsillitis, sinusitis, otitis media, dental caries, tooth abscess should be removed early vinegar, such as acute infection, recurrent or chronic nephritis associated with infection, antibiotics should be timely control, generally available muscle injection of procaine penicillin. Or detoxification herbal decoction, to achieve the purpose of prevention of infection.

Chronic nephritis during the activity of women, should not be pregnant, or enlarged uterine pressure near the renal vein intravenous fat, influence glomerular filtration, the metabolic products can not be discharged, the deterioration of the renal function.


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