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Are you aware of the high risk of kidney disease?

2017-03-09 11:50

1 high-risk groups: Elderly

With the increase of age, the natural aging of renal function is more sensitive to the drug, an important reason is that atherosclerotic renal damage therefore, forty or fifty years old, especially to care for kidney function, the best every year examination of urine routine and renal function.

High risk group 2: hypertensive patients

High blood pressure will increase the burden on the kidneys, long-term high blood pressure can cause renal artery sclerosis, affecting renal function, and for the treatment of a variety of chronic kidney disease, control of hypertension has become the most important interventions. High blood pressure patients if blood pressure control is stable, check urine routine and renal function can be a year; if the blood pressure control is not ideal, every six months to check the renal function.

High risk group 3: Hyperlipidemia Patients

Lipid deposition in the blood vessels, not only cause cardiovascular sclerosis, also can affect the renal vessels, the renal arteriosclerosis; at the same time, obese people in addition to high blood lipids affect kidney function, the body's metabolism also makes the impaired kidney function. Therefore, it is also very important for obese people to control their weight and improve their lifestyle.

High risk group 4: diabetic patients

About half of patients with diabetes develop chronic kidney disease over 10 years. Therefore, diabetic patients should be very wary of kidney disease. Good blood sugar control is the key.

5 high-risk groups: people who take drugs

The drug is excreted by the kidney, some drugs may cause great harm to the kidneys, such as chronic nephritis patients taking radsz Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine, will cause irreparable injury to the kidney.

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High risk group 6: people with chronic kidney disease

A survey found that family members have a history of kidney disease, other members of the probability of suffering from kidney disease to increase 5 ~ 8 times. Therefore, if a member of the family has a kidney disease, other members of the kidney must be carefully examined



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