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Cause of nephrotic syndrome edema

2017-01-10 16:23

Do you know what causes nephritic edema? Why most kidney patients will show edema? And edema in renal patients and is particularly serious, what is the reason? Now please nephropathy experts to do a detailed explanation and I hope to help you!

The filling of the foot and the retention of sodium in the kidney are the main mechanisms of edema. In different patients, the effect of filling the feet and retention of sodium in the kidneys can be different. The permeability of blood vessels in the intercellular space is maintained by the gradient of the capillary colloid osmotic pressure (that is, the difference of the colloid osmotic pressure of the plasma colloid).

In recent years, the survey showed the patient blood volume is only a part of nephrotic edema less, most of the patients with increased or normal, plasma renin, vascular angiotensin and aldosterone levels also increased, and high blood pressure, blood volume showed increased rather than less. The side effects of partial kidney were severe, and the decrease of plasma albumin concentration led to the decrease of colloid osmotic pressure. The observation of MCD patients showed that hypoalbuminemia has a relatively small effect on the edema of a large part of the patients, and it causes severe edema.

In conclusion, there are many mechanisms of renal sodium retention in the kidney, but the exact mechanism remains to be further investigated.


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