• Why do more and more people have tumors?

    2018-04-12 16:38:41

    In the formation of tumors, people are most concerned about the external causes of tumor, but more and more facts tell us that internal causes are also important. At present, genetic, nutritional and endocrine disorders, cellular immunodeficiency and long...


  • What are the factors that affect renal function examination?

    2018-01-20 15:31:18

    I believe many friends are watching more than some news about misdiagnosis in hospitals that make patients worse and even die, disease diagnosis is the first and most critical step. Correct diagnosis of nephropathy is conducive to the treatment of disease...


  • What are the factors that increase the burden of kidney?

    2017-11-14 17:32:47

    The factors that aggravate the burden of the kidney, whether primary kidney disease or secondary kidney disease, do not like certain infectious diseases such as measles, can be obtained by vaccination to obtain immunity, to achieve the purpose of preventi...


  • Why does hypertension cause hypertensive nephropathy?

    2017-10-16 16:54:53

    When suffering from high blood pressure and not cured in time, it is likely to lead to hypertensive nephropathy, then why hypertension cause hypertensive nephropathy? Hypertension can directly cause kidney damage, which is called hypertensive nephropathy,...


  • The causes of hypertension induced nephropathy

    2017-10-16 16:52:50

    Hypertensive nephropathy is a secondary kidney disease, high blood pressure can cause kidney disease. The incidence of hypertension is very high, we need to pay attention to is that hypertension will greatly harm complications induced by high, we should p...


  • What is the cause of diabetic nephropathy?

    2017-10-15 15:42:17

    What is the cause of diabetic nephropathy ? Diabetic nephropathy is one of the most important complications of diabetes. If the diabetic patients with poor blood sugar control, it is likely to lead to kidney damage, causing diabetic nephropathy. The f...

    Tags:cause of dia

  • Why do young people easy suffer from uremia?

    2017-08-17 18:51:27

    Uremic patients are increasingly young, so many young friends, for their own health, to know how to prevent and check the uremia is essential. Now more and more young patients with uremia, there is no gender age, so young people to increase the main, do n...

    Tags:uremia,young people

  • What are the common causes of nephritis?

    2017-08-15 11:50:31

    What are the common causes of nephritis? Nephritis presumably we all understand. But do you know how is nephritis caused? What are the common factors causing nephritis? Next kidney disease experts will introduce it in detail. First, immune disease and vas...

    Tags:causes of ne

  • What is common cause of pyelonephritis and cystitis?

    2017-08-13 17:33:33

    Either pyelonephritis and cystitis isa kind of urinary tract infection,itis a urinary system diseases. Pyelonephritis and cystitis, the incidence of different parts, the causesof the disease arenot the same. What is common cause of pyelonephritis and cyst...


  • How can Chinese medicine recognize the cause of IgA nephropa

    2017-08-06 16:23:52

    How can Chinese medicine recognize the cause of IgA nephropathy?Iga nephropathy can lead to the emergence of many symptoms, such as hematuria, edema, etc., and these symptoms are accompanied by iga kidney disease, thus affecting the normal life of patient...

    Tags:cause of IgA,Chinese medi

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