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The cause of high serum creatinine

Serum creatinine is the metabolic product of human body muscle. It comes into being through irreversible non-enzyme dehydration reaction, then dilutes in blood, and is removed out of body by kidney at last. In clinical, it is one of principal items to examine kidney function.

The cause of high serum creatinine

Serum creatinine is mainly determined by the glomerular filtration rate. When glomerular filtration rate declines, the concentration of serum creatinine grows high and then kidney function would be damaged. Serum creatinine can correctly reflect the degree of kidney damage, since it is not a very sensitive index. If nausea, vomiting and headache occur, it means the kidney has already been damaged heavily.

Which factors may cause creatinine increase?

First, kidney damage is a main cause. Glomerular filtration rate decreases greatly and then creatinine metabolism fails to be discharged. That is to say, only when the disease develops into a certain stage, the creatinine level will increase.

Second, lack of water can also affect it. People who have a fever, hidrosis, less water intake, or polyuria easily suffer hemoconcentration when lacking much water. The decrease of renal blood flow can induce different increase levels of serum creatinine.

Third, fatigue, bad rest, repeatedly exacerbation of the cold, paying no attention to personal sanitation, be crapulent all can elevate the creatinine level.

Fourth, patients have kidney disease originally, which repeatedly occurs with oliguria and anuria, plus acute Kidney insufficiency, their creatinine level will increase.

Fifth, patients who have taken some drugs which damage kidneys may have a high level. Such damage can be irreversible.

Last, if patients have hypertension out of control for a long time, along with mass proteinuria (proteinuria volume in 24 hours more than 3.5g), the creatinine level can also increase.

The above are main reasons for high creatinine level. When it happens, we’d better do test in a standard hospital and receive corresponding treatment in time.

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