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Eat cold drugs lead to kidney failure

2016-12-24 16:12
Winter weather more and more cold, people's resistance varies, many people caught a cold. The cold brought to humans, listed below for a cold to eat a case of renal failure, I hope everyone attention.
Experts advise, take note during the medication, medication time, side effects of drugs, to avoid taking some food, beverages, western medicine or traditional Chinese medicine, once forgot how to take medicine?
Kidney failure? Patient: diarrhea, have a fever of Mr. Wu even eat three pieces of antidiarrheal and paracetamol, condition not only not improved, but the acute renal failure. I met the 38 year old Wu, he is home
In the main economic sources, but suffered from acute renal failure, dialysis treatment must be. Originally, Mr. Wu suddenly last diarrhea, have a fever, in order not to delay the work, he took three tablets antidiarrheals and several pieces of paracetamol
The pain. But after eating medicine, not only did not improve the condition, soon also felt nausea, unable to eat, followed by hematuria. Like Mr Wu, because of indiscriminate medication, suffering from acute renal failure cases are not uncommon. kidney
The incidence of disease has a toxin accumulation process, the process is long or short, easy to be ignored by patients, so that patients with a strong reaction, it has reached the point of chronic renal failure.
Experts remind the public to take drugs to avoid this occurs, to follow the prescribed medication.
please leave a message if you have questions,experts will reply to you soon,and help you relieve the pain.
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