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Renal failure patients do not urinate urine how to do

2017-01-05 11:38
Kidney failure patients will not affect the amount of urine, in the end what is the case, here are some examples to understand.
My mother has fifty-one years old this year, probably from about three or four years ago, my mother suddenly fell a lot of physical fitness, every day feel weak limbs, do not mention anything. Later in April this year, I
A sudden appearance of dysuria in the mother. To the hospital after the examination, the doctor said my mother this situation is suffering from renal failure, I recently saw my mother particularly hard, no appetite every day, that in the end renal failure
The patient does not pee how to do?
Renal failure patients do not urinate urine how to do
Steps / methods:
For the 1 patients developed renal failure disease, patients can choose to conduct regular medical treatment, generally preferred or take dialysis treatment, but for patients with signs of swelling of the legs, not built
Discussion hanging brine, so as not to aggravate the disease.
2 when the patient's renal function appeared partial or complete loss of pathological state, can make the patient in a short time appeared excretion dysfunction occurs. Generally, the disease occurs mostly because of the patient's kidney minister time
A disease caused by ischemia or poisoning.
3 in addition, patients should also cooperate with diuretic drugs for treatment. As long as the patient actively cooperate with the doctor to accept professional treatment, dysuria symptoms can be alleviated. And daily must control the amount of water to
Avoid unnecessary effects on the disease.
Matters needing attention:
Patients in the life must pay attention to keep warm to avoid the cold, prevent colds, prevent infection, reduce stress reaction, reduce the formation of immune complexes, reduce kidney damage to the kidney, only a good time
Environment, is conducive to kidney repair, so that can effectively prevent infection. In addition, the patient must rest, which helps to increase the immunity of patients.
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