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High creatinine diet is taboo

2017-05-05 15:25

Serum creatinine is one of the important indicators to determine whether renal function is normal. If a person's serum creatinine value is higher than the normal state for a long time, it can indirectly reflect the kidney lesions. The study found that diet on human serum creatinine levels have a great impact, so patients with high serum creatinine must pay special attention to their diet. So, what is the taboo of patients with high serum creatinine diet?

    Serum creatinine should pay attention to the diet:

    1, high serum creatinine "salt" is important

    For patients with kidney disease, salt intake has a strict standard, generally have low-salt diet, high serum creatinine patients should pay more attention to salt intake. If you take too much salt will increase the burden on the kidneys, increased water and sodium retention, it is not conducive to kidney disease rehabilitation. Patients with high creatinine should control salt intake, were given low or no salt diet depends on whether has hypertension and edema,.

    2, high serum creatinine forbid high protein diet

    Kidney disease patients often have the clinical symptoms of proteinuria, many people will think that "loss of protein, complement protein." In fact, this is very wrong, patients with high creatinine means that their kidney lesions, if too much intake of protein will increase the metabolic burden of the kidney, not only it can not play the role of complement protein, but also play a worse side effects. In order to control the kidney function continues to deteriorate, must control the protein intake, you can choose the right amount of high quality protein.

    3, high serum creatinine patients taboo food

    Do not eat animal organs, broth, chicken soup, seafood, beans, beer, tea and coffee are not suitable to drink.

    In addition, high serum creatinine patients should also pay attention to the restrictions on tobacco, wine. Because the poison of tobacco and alcohol is mainly on the kidneys, blood vessels poisoning, smoking, drinking more will have a greater damage on the blood vessels, increase the renal arteriosclerosis earlier, but also promote the glomerular sclerosis, so whether normal renal function or renal dysfunction in patients with high serum creatinine must be strictly quit smoking and alcohol, to avoid greater damage to the kidneys.


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