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Beijing tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicin

2017-05-05 09:50

Beijing tongshantang Hospital

Tongshantang medical group was founded in 1986, after 27 years of development, has now become a set of medical, teaching, scientific research as one of the new modern medical group. The group in tongshantang hospital, Xingtai, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Beijing and many other city branch. The Group adhere to the "100 times efforts, cherish life care; 100 in the rest, to build a harmonious hospital" the policy, adhering to the "thinking to the core value of health" concept.

Beijing tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine as the first international hospital group, is the government approved the establishment of two general hospitals, but the overall configuration and layout of the hospital three hospitals are in strict accordance with the standard set up, treatment department in the Department of nephropathy as characteristic, provide the best service from around the world. With a total area of 60 thousand square meters of school district, is located in Beijing Ming Dynasty Tombs scenic area, a famous tourist attractions around the the Badaling Great Wall, Tallinn Cathaya reservoir in Longqing Valley, the pestle and mortar Valley natural scenic area, kangxicaoyuan, Forest Park and other famous scenic spots, the north and the Beijing International Golf Club, shooting and other entertainment.

Welcome 13 Countries Ambassadors To Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine For visit

Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine,converges the leaders of world countries and demonstrates superb technology. 13 countries’ ambassadors to China came together and praised constantly to the personalized services and garden-style environment. As the practitioner of the policy of “One Belt And One Road”, we go ahead on the way of internationalization, to bring hope and health for the international kidney disease patients.

Look! The world's first, superb professional surgery. Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, human services, garden environment ... ... 13 countries ambassadors gathered to appreciate the continuous map with you a comprehensive understanding of the "garden-style hospital"  the most beautiful corner, waiting for you to choose!

The inpatient area was built in accordance with Five Stars hotel standard, with personal ward, luxury suite and private meeting room. Complete medical devices and advanced diagnostic appliance are equipped. We give full respect to patient’s privacy, religious and living habit, to provide a comfortable medical environment.

Introduction on Unique Treatments

The hospital’s featured treatment is utilizing Chinese medicines to clean toxins in blood, which has remarkable effect in treating kidney disease, especially in treating refractory edema and intractable proteinuria. A lot of cure cases are available. The core technique is cleaning toxins, using ‘sweating, vomiting and urination’ methods to discharge toxins in body and recuperate health.

Introduction on Medical Devices

Beijing tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine

The Group invited 700 million RMB in introducing advanced diagnostic deviced from abroad, equiping full set checking system, to provide patients with scientific clinical diangosis and treatment.

Welcome to Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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