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reanl failure does not want to dialysis?

2017-05-03 18:33
Mrs. Ye is a girl from Guangxi, University study is Chinese medicine, after graduation work in the pharmacy , things happen in a few months ago.
That day she is busy in her work as usual, suddenly dizzy to land... Colleagues quickly caught the Mrs. Ye. she was lying on the ground. Mrs. Ye on the thinking that they are low blood sugar, but not sure how the matter, her heart is always not practical.
Finally it’s her turn to take a break, Mrs. Ye went to the nearest hospital, thinking about going to do a physical examination.
Unfortunately, she guessed at the beginning but did not guess the ending, she was really sick, but not hypoglycemia, is renal failure, the reason why she is always dizziness caused by acute renal failure of renal anemia.
During the period in the local hospital , Mrs. Ye  also studied the knowledge of the kidney, because she is a medical university medical school, so it is not very difficult to study.
She found that the treatment can not be separated from the drug, and the doctor has been told she must not stop the drug,if  the deterioration of the case will be on dialysis. This let her think of the university teacher said a word: Western medicine palliatives!
Rejected the western medicine, she decided to try Chinese medicine therapy. September, she and parents came to tongshantang hospital. On admission, creatinine 666μmoI/L, uric acid 474μmoI/L, one step away from dialysis.
In the course of treatment, Mrs. Ye often discuss some ideas from the viewpoint of traditional Chinese medicine with Dr. Yang, for example, glomerular disease refers to a group of similar clinical manifestations (such as hematuria, proteinuria, hypertension), but the etiology, pathogenesis, pathological changes, course and prognosis of different lesions involving bilateral renal glomerular disease. It can be pided into primary, secondary and hereditary; primary glomerular disease is often unknown etiology. Dr. Yang said her origin of primary chronic kidney disease may be toxic and harmful substances into cells leads to disorder of immune regulation, resulting in the deposition of immune complexes in vivo, caused by glomerular capillary or cell lesions, and then developed into nephropathy.
For the treatment of Mrs. Ye, Dr. Yang is mainly used Chinese herbal medicine to remove the immune complex in the body, so as to reduce the index from the root, to restore renal function.
After 12 days in hospital, her creatinine was reduced to 550μmoI/L, uric acid drops to 164μmoI/L, this examination results also pull back the Mrs. Ye from the side of the dialysis. With the improvement of the condition, the urine is also up, blood pressure is gradually stable. Mrs. Ye are very happy.

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