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Uremic patients escape from Beijing

2017-02-17 16:26

Mr. Shen is Hubei, 47 years old, suffering from uremia. The place also has a lot of good hospital, but before Mr. Shen is very love Beijing.
"Perhaps it is because of the experts, perhaps, and I don't know why, anyway, to the Beijing hospital trust. Among other things, the name of light are almost all.
"Why do you want to add the word 'almost'? That's all I'm more than and 30 years old...... I'll tell you about it as an elder more than and 10 years older than you."
Put the pillow on the bed by steady, Mr. Shen said: "at that time was still too young to creatinine more than and 200, ah, what also didn't want to go without rhyme or reason to cure diseases in Beijing. The hospitals are very good, and the professors with high degree. But spend a lot of money, creatinine is constantly rising.
"I changed several hospitals are like this, once saw a specialist who is in a position of noble character and high prestige, is also very high, I asked him in the end there is no way to get my creatinine not up?
"I can't do that," he added. "We can't do anything here.""
Mr. Shen's heart suddenly cold.
"Back to the ward to think, it is true, they can not save me. Although the blood pressure control is, no edema anemia also careless, but I finished this kidney sooner or later! None of them can save me!"
Recognize the status quo after Mr. Shen creatinine also to 700, back home, the goal turned to traditional Chinese medicine. This is much more cautious, each hospital he has to carefully consider each treatment, after all, this more than and 20 years spent more than half of the savings, no longer squandered. After studying the advantages and disadvantages of several therapies, while just entering the uremia period soon, he came to tongshantang hospital.
The train arrived more than 9 o'clock in the evening, see the hospital look after he laments: went to the hospital a lot, which hospital can do this scale ah nephropathy branch!
He soon found that he was wrong: no lessons, and also have effect on the Department of nephropathy thing, looks not much use light to see.
Early every two or three months, Mr. Shen had to go to tongshantang hospital to come, after more than half a year to come less, because - do not need to come so many times! Creatinine has been more than and 200 in the last three or four years.
"I told you, I know that now point," Mr. Shen said: "the big hospital in Beijing, those who pay attention to western medicine is also very good, but on the renal aspects of it, really can not say (referring to himself). In fact, this disease is not good enough to rely on traditional Chinese medicine, I am in this is the use of Western medicine to a variety of threats to the isolation of my complications, at the same time with traditional Chinese medicine treatment of the kidney, it was almost cured."

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